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Frozen In Time (FIT) is TheWeatherOutlook homepage archive which lets you see what was making the weather headlines in days gone by. The archive was started on 7th May 2013. Select the homepage article you want to read by clicking on the title.

Homepage article Archive date
Weather prepares to do a U-turn 15/11/2018
Mild short term but a wintry outlook 14/11/2018
High pressure returning 13/11/2018
Showery for most in the short term 12/11/2018
Sunny spells and heavy showers 11/11/2018
Wet and windy from the west 10/11/2018
Mixed bag today 09/11/2018
Rain clearing to showers 08/11/2018
Unsettled weather on the way 07/11/2018
Mostly dry and mild Bonfire Night 06/11/2018
Mixed week for all of the UK 05/11/2018
Mixed weekend weather 04/11/2018
Fine today but a mixed weekend 03/11/2018
Mixed start to November 02/11/2018
Wet Halloween in parts of the UK 01/11/2018
Showery rain at times today 31/10/2018
Dry and chilly today for most 30/10/2018
Cold with showers in the east 29/10/2018
Cold and wintry feeling weekend 28/10/2018
Cold and showery weekend 27/10/2018
Arctic plunge tomorrow 26/10/2018
Much colder weather 25/10/2018
Snow risk in the north later this week 24/10/2018
Arctic blast later this week 23/10/2018
Arctic plunge by next weekend 22/10/2018
High pressure dominant 21/10/2018
North to south divide 20/10/2018
High pressure holds the fort 19/10/2018
High pressure in charge 18/10/2018
Murky start but brighter later 17/10/2018
Rain slowly easing 16/10/2018
Heavy rain today 15/10/2018
Weekend of massive contrasts 14/10/2018
Floods, storms and T-Saturday 13/10/2018
West to east split 12/10/2018
Rewind to summer today 11/10/2018
Warm weather returning 10/10/2018
Warm weather returning 09/10/2018
Indian summer on the way 08/10/2018
Cold and wet in the south 07/10/2018
Cooler weekend and rain 06/10/2018
Mixed but quite warm in the south 05/10/2018
Windy but warmer in the south 04/10/2018
Windy but warmer in the south 03/10/2018
Mostly fine in the south 02/10/2018
Settled start to October 01/10/2018
North to south split 30/09/2018
Fine weekend for many 29/09/2018
Warm and sunny in the south 28/09/2018
Warm and sunny in the south 27/09/2018
Wet and windy in the north west 26/09/2018
High pressure dominates 25/09/2018
Heavy rain in the south 24/09/2018
Cold and wet in the south 23/09/2018
High impact weather 22/09/2018
High impact weather 21/09/2018
Storm Ali today 20/09/2018
Autumnal gales 19/09/2018
Stormy and unsettled week 18/09/2018
Stormy weather on the way 17/09/2018
Best in the south 16/09/2018
Patchy rain spreads southeastwards 15/09/2018
Showery rain in the north 14/09/2018
Cooler and brighter 13/09/2018
Autumn steps up a gear 12/09/2018
North to south split 11/09/2018
Warm in sunny spells 10/09/2018
Wet weather today 09/09/2018
Mixed weekend 08/09/2018
Changeable outlook 07/09/2018
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Much colder weather on the way


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