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Frozen In Time (FIT) is TheWeatherOutlook homepage archive which lets you see what was making the weather headlines in days gone by. The archive was started on 7th May 2013. Select the homepage article you want to read by clicking on the title.

Homepage article Archive date
Feeling warm where cloud breaks 21/03/2019
Quiet but often cloudy weather 20/03/2019
More settled weather this week 19/03/2019
High pressure on the way back 18/03/2019
Unsettled still but change on the way 17/03/2019
Windy and unsettled spell continues 16/03/2019
Windy but rain clearing this morning 15/03/2019
Winds gradually easing today 14/03/2019
Severe weather due to Storm Gareth 13/03/2019
Unsettled and windy week ahead 12/03/2019
Stormy south, snowy north 11/03/2019
Unsettled, wintry and windy weekend 10/03/2019
More wet and windy weather 09/03/2019
Wet weather for many today 08/03/2019
Showers or longer spells of rain 07/03/2019
Rain returning from the southwest 06/03/2019
Unsettled week on the way 05/03/2019
Storm Freya spoils Sunday 04/03/2019
Storm Freya set to bring disruption 03/03/2019
Unsettled start to the spring 02/03/2019
Unsettled and cooler outlook 01/03/2019
February temperature record falls again 28/02/2019
New February temperature record set 27/02/2019
New February record set 26/02/2019
Continuing to feel warm not mild 25/02/2019
Springlike weather this weekend 24/02/2019
Springlike weekend for many 23/02/2019
Temperature records possible 22/02/2019
Very mild but wet in the north 21/02/2019
Wet and windy in the north west 20/02/2019
Springlike conditions later this week 19/02/2019
Record challenging warmth possible 18/02/2019
More mixed but still mild 17/02/2019
Chilly start then springlike 16/02/2019
Unseasonably mild for mid February 15/02/2019
Unseasonably mild for mid February 14/02/2019
High pressure rules the roost 13/02/2019
Early taste of spring on the way 12/02/2019
Wet weather clearing from the south 11/02/2019
Mixed weekend but winds easing 10/02/2019
Storm Erik brings disruption today 09/02/2019
Wet weather returning 08/02/2019
Wet weather returning 07/02/2019
Wet weather returning 06/02/2019
Unsettled and milder this week 05/02/2019
Milder and mixed outlook 04/02/2019
Cold day and severe frost tonight 03/02/2019
Snow clearing from the south 02/02/2019
Disruptive snow in the south later 01/02/2019
Cold and wintry weather continues 31/01/2019
Heavy rain turning to sleet and snow 30/01/2019
Cold and changeable week ahead 29/01/2019
Strong winds make it feel very cold 28/01/2019
Unsettled weekend but turning colder 27/01/2019
Unsettled weekend on the way 26/01/2019
Milder tomorrow but then colder 25/01/2019
Cold with scattered wintry showers 24/01/2019
Cold with wintry showers 23/01/2019
Changeable week but often cold 22/01/2019
Often cold but easterly cancelled 21/01/2019
Midterm mayhem 20/01/2019
Cold or possibly very old outlook 19/01/2019
Colder weather starts to dig in 18/01/2019
Mixed week but cold at times 17/01/2019
Mixed week but cold at times 16/01/2019
Mixed week but cold at times 15/01/2019
Colder and changeable outlook 14/01/2019
Changeable and colder outlook 13/01/2019
Changeable and colder outlook 12/01/2019
Colder and more mixed outlook 11/01/2019
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