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Frozen In Time (FIT) is TheWeatherOutlook homepage archive which lets you see what was making the weather headlines in days gone by. The archive was started on 7th May 2013. Select the homepage article you want to read by clicking on the title.

Homepage article Archive date
Wet weather in the north and west 18/07/2019
Warm and sunny for many today 17/07/2019
Risk of rain increases later this week 16/07/2019
More changeable week ahead 15/07/2019
Fine and warm weekend for many 14/07/2019
Sunny periods for many today 13/07/2019
Sunny spells and heavy showers 12/07/2019
North to south split continues today 11/07/2019
Rain in the north today 10/07/2019
More changeable this week 09/07/2019
Mixed bag of weather on the way 08/07/2019
Patchy band of rain moves south 07/07/2019
Fine and warm today for many 06/07/2019
Fine and warm in the south 05/07/2019
Fine and warm in much of the UK 04/07/2019
Temperatures climbing in the south 03/07/2019
Often quiet and settled this week 02/07/2019
Fresher but a lot of dry weather 01/07/2019
June record up for grabs 30/06/2019
Heating up but change this weekend 29/06/2019
Becoming very warm or hot 28/06/2019
Warm sunny periods for many 27/06/2019
Heavy rain clearing northeastwards 26/06/2019
Thundery rain today and tomorrow 25/06/2019
Sunny spells but thundery rain too 24/06/2019
Mixed weekend on the way 23/06/2019
Historic heat plume possible 22/06/2019
Heat wave possible next week 21/06/2019
Rain clearing eastwards today 20/06/2019
Thunderstorm risk later today 19/06/2019
Dry and bright in the south 18/06/2019
Sunny spells and heavy showers 17/06/2019
Showery rain spreading eastwards 16/06/2019
Yet more wet weather today 15/06/2019
Yet more wet weather today 14/06/2019
More heavy rain in parts of the UK 13/06/2019
Further deluges in parts of the UK 12/06/2019
Heavy rain and risk of flooding 11/06/2019
Exceptionally wet outlook in places 10/06/2019
Windy and showery Saturday 09/06/2019
Heavy rain as Storm Miguel arrives 08/06/2019
Showers today, Storm Miguel tomorrow 07/06/2019
Mixed weather continues 06/06/2019
Heavy rain moving northwards 05/06/2019
Summer goes missing this week 04/06/2019
Showery rain spreading eastwards 03/06/2019
Barbecue Saturday in the south 02/06/2019
Brief taste of summer for some 01/06/2019
Much warmer in the south 31/05/2019
Wet weather for many today 30/05/2019
Fine and warm weekend possible 29/05/2019
Showery Spring Bank Holiday 28/05/2019
Showery conditions push eastwards 27/05/2019
Mixed Bank Holiday weekend 26/05/2019
Mixed Bank Holiday weekend 25/05/2019
Downhill for the Bank Holiday weekend 24/05/2019
Mixed Bank Holiday period probable 23/05/2019
Mostly fine and warm today 22/05/2019
Sunny spells and heavy showers 21/05/2019
Sunny spells and heavy showers 20/05/2019
Murky start but brightening up 19/05/2019
Damp today and a mixed weekend 18/05/2019
Increasingly showery later this week 17/05/2019
Changeable later this week 16/05/2019
Fine weather continues for most 15/05/2019
Dry and sunny start to the week 14/05/2019
Fine spell of spring weather 13/05/2019
Showers becoming more scattered 12/05/2019
Showery weather continues today 11/05/2019
Weather improving for the weekend 10/05/2019
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