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The month ahead

The monthly outlook is based on output from global forecasting models and our own analysis.

December weather: Cold with an increased risk of snow

Forecast issued 01/12/2022


Below average.


Below average.

1/12 to 7/12

Rather cold but often dry.

A good deal of dry and chilly weather is likely through the first few days, although in the north west there will be rain for a time and in eastern Britain showers develop. Over high ground they could fall as sleet or snow. Later in the week temperatures may edge upwards for a time in southern and central regions, but colder conditions quickly push southwards again. The risk of wintry showers increases in the north and east.  

8/12 to 14/12

Cold and wintry.

Cold or even very cold conditions are expected in much of the UK through the week. Frost could become widespread and sharp on some nights. There is also a greater than normal chance of snow, particularly in the north and east. There is a possibility of milder air pushing up from the south at times, but the northern extent of this is very uncertain. Along the boundary zone between cold and mild air masses there is the potential for significant amounts of snow.    

15/12 to 31/12

More mixed but cold periods still possible. [Forecast confidence is low]

A transition to more variable weather is forecast to take place, but further cold periods are possible, particularly in the north and east of the UK. However, the chance of mild and wet spells increases. Despite that, the chance of frost and snow is considered higher than the norm, especially in the northern half of the UK. Over the period temperatures are more likely to be close to or below the norm than above it.



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Important note about long range weather forecasts: It is considered impossible to say with certainty what the weather will be like more than a few days ahead in the UK. Long range forecasts on TheWeatherOutlook have not been independently verified, and we make no claims for their accuracy. A range of factors including seasonal computer models, recent weather patterns, sea surface temperatures and teleconnections are considered when making the forecasts.



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