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April weather: Warmer and drier later

Forecast issued 31/04/2020


Slightly above average.


Close to average.


1/4 to 7/4


Early in the week it should often be dry in southern and central regions. In the north a period of rain is likely but brighter and showery conditions follow it. It turns cold enough for sleet or snow to fall to low levels in the north for a time. Later on temperatures rise and it may become warm, particularly in the east. In the west the risk of rain returns quickly and by the end of the week it may extend across much of the country.

8/4 to 14/4

Changeable. [Forecast confidence is moderate]

A changeable theme is favoured. All regions have showers or longer outbreaks of rain but there should also be a reasonable amount of dry weather. Temperatures often fluctuate around the seasonal average. In quieter spells nighttime frosts continue to be a risk. The driest conditions are expected to be in the east with periods of rain more frequent in the west.

15/4 to 30/4

Warmer and drier later. [Forecast confidence is low]

Changeable conditions continue early on. Drier and warmer periods are most likely in the eastern half of the country with wetter spells more frequent in the west. Later on it becomes increasingly dry and possibly rather warm in much of the country, although in the north west it remains more unsettled.

Important note about long range weather forecasts: It is considered impossible to say with certainty what the weather will be like more than a few days ahead in the UK. Long range forecasts on TheWeatherOutlook have not been independently verified, and we make no claims for their accuracy. A range of factors including seasonal computer models, recent weather patterns, sea surface temperatures and teleconnections are considered when making the forecasts.


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