CET tracker

The Central England Temperature (CET) is the world's longest-running temperature record, dating back to 1659.

Maintained by the UK Met Office, it covers a triangular area in the Midlands of England. Data from Rothamsted (Hertfordshire), Stonyhurst (Lancashire), and Pershore (Worcestershire) are currently used in its calculation.

For in-depth analysis of the official datasets, check out our CET analyser

TWO tracker

Our tracker uses reports from weather stations in an area similar to that of the CET. Therefore, it is designed to give a good indication of how the month is developing.


To 27 May the TWO tracker is:


Anomalies from CET series

The values show anomalies between the TWO tracker and the CET series. Red indicates a positive anomaly (TWO tracker higher), blue a negative anomaly (TWO tracker lower), and green is used for no anomaly.



Short range
Short to medium range
Medium to long range

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