16 day weather forecast

16 day weather forecasts are updated every 6 hours, every day to give you the latest outlook.


Select forecast location.

1) Enter a UK location or postcode in the place or postcode textbox near the top of the page and press the forecast button (e.g. 7 day, 10 day, 16 day etc.)


2) Select from the alphabetical UK weather forecast locations list.


3) Quick UK links: London - Birmingham - Glasgow - Cardiff - Belfast - Leeds


Global and holiday locations:Global map - Global picker

If entering a postcode only use the first part of it, e.g. if the full postcode is W1 5BU enter W1. You can enter the full postcode but the space must be in the right place (W1 5BU would be ok, W15BU would NOT be ok). Using the auto suggest is recommended but not essential for postcodes.

If you enter the postcode or location in the right format and still did not get a forecast it may not be currently in our forecast database. If you'd like it added please send us your postcode and the name of the nearest town to you.

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