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2nd May 2024

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A) £10.00 donation until 31st December 2024

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B) £2.00 per month automatic PayPal payment indefinitely until cancelled

Donating amounts higher than above are most welcome and will help fund the development of the site further.  


To make a payment follow the three steps below. 


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*Extra features are being added. Currently available:

- UKV zoom charts

- UKV bespoke chart plotter

- UKV regional charts (In development, but usable with regions currently covers: London and Home Counties, South west, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Lake District, Wales, Central England)

- ECM ensemble rain amount probability charts 

- ECM ensemble pressure postage stamp charts (full 50 members + control run)

- GEFS shorts (8 day charts which appear up to 90 minutes before the 16 day ones)

- Unrestricted access to the Central England Temperature analyser

- GEFS tracker

- Animator: Create multi model chart animations can be freely downloaded and used on social media or your own channels (Currently 25 frames maximum)


Thank you for supporting our development

Despite the pandemic and decline in advertising revenues during recent years I have continued to invest and develop the website which was set up in 2001.

During 2022 a fourth dedicated server was added and one of the existing three was increased in size to be able to offer more and better capabilities. In addition I also decided to subscribe to data feeds from the UK Met Office in order to be able to offer charts and data from the highly regarded UKV and MOGREPS-G computer models which they run.

Through 2023 the site continued to expand. In particular, more data sets were added and the forecast offerings were expanded and improved.

None of this comes cheaply in either monetary or time terms. Nonetheless, I am committed to continuing to develop and improve the site through 2024. 

Thank you for your ongoing support

Brian Gaze

The Weather Outlook site founder

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