Model inventory

Data and charts from a wide range of leading Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) computer models is available. NWP takes current atmospheric and ocean data and uses mathematical models to produce weather predictions.

Model list

The best way to access the model charts and data is from the links below.

Model Status Updates and range*
Arome (MF) 00z: 7hr to 22hr
Arpege (MF) 00z,12z: 1hr to 102hr, 06z: 1hr to 72hr, 18z: 1hr to 60hr 00z 102hr
ECM (ECMWF) 00z,12z: 0hr to 240hr
CFS (NCEP) 00z, 06z, 12z, 18z Updated: 23/07/2021 00z,06z,12z,18z: 1 to 8 months
ECMP (ECMWF) 00z,12z: 0hr to 240hr
ECM (ECMWF) 00z,12z: 0hr to 240hr
ECM ENS (ECMWF) 00z,12z: 0hr to 240hr
GEFS (NCEP) 00z, 228hr 00z 0hr to 840hr. 06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 384hr
GEM (CMC) 00z 240hr 00z,12z: 0hr to 240hr
GFS (NCEP) 00z 384hr 00z,06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 384hr
GFSP (NCEP) 00z,06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 384hr
ICON EU (DWD) 00z 120hr 00z,06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 120hr
ICON GLOBAL (DWD) 00z 180hr 00z,12z: 0hr to 180hr
UK Met (UKM) 00z 168hr 00z,12z: 96hr to 120hr
UKV 03z,15z: 1hr to 120hr
FAX (UKM) Updated through the day

Multi model viewer

Many charts can be accessed using the original Chart viewer. However, due to the increasing number of models offered it is no longer feasible to make them all available.

Chart viewer

Other charts and data

Name Status Updates and range
GEFS custom graphs Same as GEFS Same as GEFS
GEFS custom data tables Same as GEFS Same as GEFS
GEFS postage stamps Same as GEFS Same as GEFS
GEFS probability forecasts Same as GEFS Same as GEFS
GEFS 35 day charts Same as GEFS Same as GEFS
GEFS Europe Same as GEFS (35 day charts) Same as GEFS
GEFS snow row Same as GEFS Same as GEFS
Models at a glance Preview charts from a subset of the available models Through the day


Historic weather charts created using NCEP Reanalysis data. Available in 6 hour time steps.

Historic weather charts


Status issued 05:07 24/07/2021

  • * Updates and forecast range available on TWO. Times are initialisation only with charts appearing several hours later
  • Green means update in progress

Data providers

  • MF: Météo-France
  • NCEP: National Centers for Environmental Prediction
  • ECMWF: European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
  • CMC: Canadian Meteorological Centre
  • KNMI: Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
  • DWD : Deutscher Wetterdienst
  • UKM : UK Met Office
  • UKV : UK Met Office