Model inventory

Forecast models and their current run availability.

Model Status Updates and range*
Arome (MF) 00z 22hr 00z: 7hr to 22hr
Arpege (MF) 12z 102hr 00z,12z: 1hr to 102hr, 06z: 1hr to 72hr, 18z: 1hr to 60hr
CFS (NCEP) 00z, 06z, 12z, 18z Updated: 10/08/2020 00z,06z,12z,18z: 1 to 8 months
ECM (ECMWF) 12z 240hr 00z,12z: 0hr to 240hr
ECM ENS (ECMWF) 00z 240hr 00z,12z: 0hr to 240hr
GEFS (NCEP) 12z, 384hr 00z,06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 384hr
GEM (CMC) 12z 240hr 00z,12z: 0hr to 240hr
GFS (NCEP) 12z 384hr 00z,06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 384hr
GFSP (NCEP) 00z,06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 384hr
HIRLAM (KNMI) 00z,06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 48hr
ICON EU (DWD) 12z 120hr 00z,06z,12z,18z: 0hr to 120hr
ICON GLOBAL (DWD) 12z 180hr 00z,12z: 0hr to 180hr
UK Met (UKM) 12z 120hr 00z,12z: 96hr to 120hr
FAX (UKM) Updated through the day

Other model data

Name Status Updates and range
GEFS snow row Same as GEFS Same as GEFS
Models at a glance Preview charts from a subset of the available models Through the day

Status issued 19:08 10/08/2020


  • * Updates and forecast range available on TWO. Times are initialisation only with charts appearing several hours later
  • Green means update in progress

Data providers

  • MF: Météo-France
  • NCEP: National Centers for Environmental Prediction
  • ECMWF: European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
  • CMC: Canadian Meteorological Centre
  • KNMI: Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
  • DWD : Deutscher Wetterdienst
  • UKM : UK Met Office