Get your free weather widget

A weather widget is an easy way of adding an automatically updating weather forecast to your web page. Just select the number of days, press Get script, then copy and paste the code into the html of your web page. The forecast will automatically update four times each day.

1) Layout and design

Select either Responsive or Fixed. Responsive will resize based on the screen resolution of the browser. Fixed will always be the same and is more likely to flow off screen. Selecting Responsive is recommended in most cases.

Responsive layout

Fixed layout

2) Selected location

Enter the location for your forecast into the place or postcode box near the top of the page then press the Update button.

3) Select number of days

The forecast can be for between 2 and 5 days ahead.

4) Get the script then copy to your web page

Press the Get script button then copy the code and add to your web page and you're done!

Future development

We may make changes to the widget to improve performance and functionality. If we do you will automatically benefit without making any changes. Adverts will not be added to our widgets.



Short range
Short to medium range
Medium to long range

See the Model inventory for the full list of model charts and data