14 day UK weather forecast

Becoming less cold.

UK outlook issued Sunday 18th March 2018

Week 1

Becoming less cold but changeable.

Monday: Remaining outbreaks of sleet or snow in southern coastal counties fade away to leave dry conditions in all of the UK. During the afternoon scattered wintry showers are possible but it should be mostly dry with sunny spells. Temperatures will be higher than in recent days but it remains cold, especially in areas where there is snow cover.

Tuesday: The day starts with a sharp frost in central and western regions. In the east there could be some showery rain or sleet early on but by the afternoon it is expected to be dry in all regions. Less cold than recently with a thaw of lying snow continuing.

Wednesday: Outbreaks of rain push southwards across the northern half of the UK and over high ground there could be snow. Southern and central regions probably remain dry but after a bright start cloud builds.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: All regions have changeable weather with showers or longer spells of rain. It is likely to be quite windy with gales at times. Temperatures probably won't be far off the average in the south but the north could become colder. 

Forecast confidence is high falling to moderate later on.



Week 2

Changeable and rather cold.

All regions have a mix of wet spells and dry periods during the first half of the week, and temperatures probably will be below the seasonal average. During the second half of the week it could turn colder with the risk of snow increasing, especially in the north. The Easter period may start on a cold and wintry note.

Forecast confidence is moderate to low.


During the first few days high pressure collapses southwards across UK and milder Atlantic air begins to return. Through the second half of the week the jet stream is expected to be to the south of the UK and a chilly northwesterly flow could cover the UK. 

There is significant uncertainty about developments during the second week. High pressure may build in the mid-Atlantic and allow cold arctic air to sweep southwards across the UK in the run up to Easter.

Global Forecast System (GFS) analysis

Points of note

Temperatures recover during the first few days of the forecast period as an Atlantic flow returns. By the end of the first week and through the second week there are indications of it turning colder once again.

For a huge range of data see the chart viewer which provides output from the Arpege, Arome, CFSv2, GEM, GFS, GEFS, ECM, WW3 and Fax models and works on PCs, tablet computers such as the iPad and smartphones.


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