14 day UK weather forecast

Often settled but frost remains a risk

Issued Sunday 14th April 2024

14 day video

Issued 16th April 2024

The 14 day video forecast is usually updated weekly.

14 day video weather forecast

14 day discussion

The 14 day discussion is usually updated twice each week.

Drier weather developing through the week 

Week 1: 15/04 to 21/04

Monday: A band of rain clears southwards during the morning to leave a mix of sunny spells and showers in all regions. Over high ground in the north the showers bring a wintry mix, with sleet and snow at times. Windy and cold.

Tuesday: Sunny spells develop widely, but there will be showers too. The heaviest ones are expected in the northern half of the UK. Windy and chilly. Frost may develop quite widely overnight. 

Wednesday: A band of patchy rain pushes across Northern Ireland and into north western Britain. Areas to its east have sunny spells and scattered showers. The brightest conditions are likely to be in East Anglia and southern counties. It remains chilly for the time of the year. Frost may develop quite widely overnight.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Northern and eastern areas have showers early on and there could be patchy outbreaks of rain at times in the north west. However, the emphasis is on dry weather with variable amounts of cloud. In sunny spells it should feel pleasantly warm, but the nights remain chilly and frost will be a risk.

Forecast confidence is high falling to medium.

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Often dry and quiet

Week 2: 22/04 to 28/04

A lot of dry weather is expected, especially in the south. Despite that, some rain is likely with the greatest amounts probably in the north. Daytime temperatures should be close to the norm, but the nights remain chilly and there is a risk of patchy frost. Towards the end of the week a transition to more changeable and wetter conditions could start to take place. 

Forecast confidence is low.

Expected developments

Week 1

At the start of the week an area of low pressure moves southeastwards. As it pulls away into continental Europe, cold Arctic air sweeps down across the UK. Through the following days high pressure gradually builds in from the Atlantic. 

The chart below is from the GFS model. It shows pressure and precipitation at 15:00, Thursday 18th April.

GFS pressure and precipitation forecast chart

Week 2

High pressure is expected to be the dominant feature of the weather for most of the week. Although there is uncertainty about its shape and exact position, it may be centred slightly to the north and west of the UK.

The chart below shows the GEFS forecast mean surface level pressure on Wednesday 24th  April. 

GEFS mean surface level pressure forecast chart


Key weather developments

Temperatures will be on the low side, particularly during the first few days. Frost could develop widely on some nights.

The chart below shows forecast temperatures at 06:00am, Wednesday 17th April. 

UKV forecast chart

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