14 day UK weather forecast

Warmer and drier in the south 

UK outlook issued Sunday 18th August 2019

Week 1

Changeable then drier and warmer.

Monday: Showers in northern and western areas extend across much of the UK during the day. There will be sunny spells too. Temperatures will be on the low side for mid August.

Tuesday: Showers develop again but they will be more scattered than in recent days. Nonetheless there could still be a few heavy ones around, particularly in the north and west. Temperatures generally remain a little below the average.

Wednesday: Outbreaks of heavy rain spread across the north and west of the UK. Much of southern, central and eastern England should be dry and bright. Windy in the north west. 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Unsettled weather continues in the north west early on. Elsewhere it becomes drier. Temperatures climb and it is likely to become warm in southern and central England. By Sunday the risk of showers possibly becomes more widespread.


Forecast confidence is high falling to medium.



Week 2

Mixed start.

Mixed conditions are possible at the start of the period with a risk of showers or longer spells of rain, particularly in the north. It could also be windy. Later there should be plenty of settled weather, especially in southern and central regions. In the north west there is a greater risk of rain. Often quite warm.

Forecast confidence is low.


Week 1

The UK will be under an Atlantic flow to begin with. By the middle of the week high pressure centred to the south is expected to begin having more influence. Things become uncertain later on. There is a possibility of an area of low pressure deepening markedly to the west of the UK.

Week 2

High pressure is expected to build from the southwest and remain a presence for much of the week. However there is a chance of Atlantic disturbances pushing across the north west on occasion.

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Points of note

After a mixed start it should turn drier and warmer from the south, at least for a time. The prospects for the summer bank holiday weekend are uncertain. 

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