More wet and windy weather on the way


[Published 06:30 03/04/2024]

Here comes the rain. Again!. Posted by Brian Gaze

Heavy outbreaks of rain continue in parts of northern Britain today, but elsewhere it will be more mixed. The next few days bring further wet spells and there are signs of it turning very windy this weekend. Fingers crossed if you're hoping for something drier and more settled because some computer model runs are indicating that high pressure may be more influential next week. (If you would like to browse the website without adverts and contribute to its ongoing development, explore the payment options, see below)

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Issued 26th March 2024

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Wednesday starts wet in northern England, Northern Ireland and eastern Scotland. Elsewhere it is a more mixed picture, but there are showers in places.

Through the day the area of rain doesn't move much, although it tends to become more focused on northeastern England and southeastern Scotland. To the west and in Northern Ireland the outbreaks of rain are likely to become patchier. Areas to the south have sunny spells and showers, but in the south cloud builds and another band of rain pushes into the south west. The far north remains mostly dry. Quite windy.

Temperatures range from 5°C in the far north to 15°C in the south. You can check the weather radar for the most up to date view.

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UK Met Office UKV, rain and snow, 15:00 Wednesday 3rd April

Tonight dry periods develop in the north as the remnants of the rain gradually pull away northeastwards. However, in southern and central regions, bands of rain push northwards. 

Tomorrow morning outbreaks of rain clear in southern and central regions become more showery. There could also be showers in the north. During the afternoon the next batch of wet weather feeds into south western Britain.

UK Met Office UKV, temperatures, 15:00 Thursday 4th April

Unsettled and windy at times

Friday brings further showers or longer spells of rain to much of the UK. The rain could be heavy, especially in the west and it remains cold enough for snow over the Scottish mountains. It is likely to be windy.

During Saturday outbreaks of rain clear northwards with showery conditions following. Sunny spells could develop in places, particularly in central and eastern counties. However, it is likely to be very windy, with a risk of gales in the north and west.

Further patchy spells of rain continue in the north and west on Sunday. Southern and eastern areas should be mostly dry and in sunny spells it feels quite warm. However, it will be windy and there is a risk of gales or even severe gales in the north.

GFS chart 1
GFS, surface pressure and precipitation, 15:00 Sunday 7th April

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Here comes the rain. Again!. Posted by Brian Gaze

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