Fine weather in most of the UK


[Published 06:00 04/06/2023]

Flawless conditions at Mannings Heath Golf Club. Posted by Weatherornot

An odd shower is possible in the north today, but for the vast majority it is another dry day. Sunny spells develop widely, although it could remain cloudier in the north east. The next few days bring very little change, but during the second half of the week temperatures rise and the chance of thundery showers in the south increases. (If you would like to browse the website without adverts until the end of the year and contribute to its ongoing development you can do so by making a donation of £15 or more via PayPal, see below)

14 day weather forecast video

Issued 21st May 2023

14 day video weather forecast


Weather forecast discussion

Issued 4th June 2023

Sunday starts dry across the UK. Through the day sunny spells develop widely. An odd shower could bubble up in northern Britain, but for the vast majority of the UK it remains dry. Breezy in southern counties.

Temperatures range from 15C (59F) in the north east to 25C (77F) in the south and west. See the rain radar for the latest view.

Summer 2023 forecast

The headline is for a warmer than average summer. Rainfall amounts are expected to vary significantly across the UK, but despite the dry start a slightly wetter than average season is favoured. Read the seasonal forecast in full. 

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UK Met Office UKV, temperature, 15:00 Sunday, 4th June

Tonight cloud returns in central and eastern counties. In the west it remains clear, and any showers in the north fade away.

Tomorrow it's a very similar picture. Isolated showers  bubble up in northern Britain and Northern Ireland, but most of the UK has another dry and bright day. Temperatures peak in the low to mid 20Cs in the south and west.

UK Met Office UKV, rain and cloud, 15:00 Monday, 5th June

Thundery showers?

Tuesday may see a few heavier showers in Northern Ireland and northern Britain. Nonetheless, the emphasis remains on dry, bright and quite warm weather.

Wednesday brings more of the same. Dry, sunny and warm in most areas, but still the chance of an odd shower in the north.

Through the second half of the week there are indications of some changes. Temperatures rise as a warmer and more humid air mass moves up across the UK. However, with pressure falling in the south the chance of thundery showers rises. Details at the moment are uncertain.

GFS chart 1
GFS, surface pressure and precipitation, 15:00 Thursday, 8th June

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Flawless conditions at Mannings Heath Golf Club. Posted by Weatherornot.

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