Download Festival 2023 weather

Forecast tools and features to help you

21st May 2023

Download Festival overview

The 2023 Download takes place between June 8th and 11th at Donnington Park. It is one of the first of the big summer music festivals, and consequently the weather can be very erratic. 

On TWO a range of features have been added recently to provide a more in-depth view of the weather prospects than is often the case with websites or app based forecasts.

Muddy festival scene
Is this the sort of weather to expect?

Forecast options and tools


16 day Download Festival weather forecast

The easiest and quickest option which updates 4 times daily.


Download 3 day hourly forecast

Gives an hour by hour view and allows you to change the computer model data used at the tap of a button to check for forecast consistency. Also, the rain and storm percentage chance is shown if you select the UKV model.


16 day Will it rain at the Download Festival

Uses multiple computer models to give a percentage chance of rain falling on a given day.


16 day Will it thunder at the Download Festival

Uses multiple computer models to give a percentage chance of thunder on a given day.


16 day Will it be hot at the Download Festival

Uses multiple computer models to give a percentage chance of temperatures exceeding different thresholds on a given day.


Despite the in-depth forecasts and use of multiple computer models, it is important to remember that showery rain in the summer months can be very localised. The upshot is conditions can vary a lot over even short distances. 

Request forecasts by voice control

If your phone or device supports it, you can request forecasts by voice control.

1) Just tap the microphone icon near the top of the screen (If there isn't one, your device doesn't support this feature)

2) Say, "weather for Download" or "hourly weather for Download" or  if you're at the festival you can try "my weather" which will locate you (if you allow it to) and show the latest forecast

3) Say "radar" to check the latest rain radar which provides the current view rather than a forecast

The prospects could be described as mixed.

Check the charts

If you'd like to check things out for yourself using charts and data sets from a huge range of computer models then take a look at the Model Inventory.

Go ad free for the best experience and extra charts

Going ad free on the web site will also give you access to additional charts from the high resolution UKV model. They provide zoom and bespoke options. See Advert free access on our website for more information. 

News and information



14 day outlook

Monthly outlook

Seasonal outlook


A huge range of charts and data is freely available.

Models include UK Met Office UKV and MOGREPS-G, ECMWF, NCEP GFS, Meteo France Arpege and Arome.