High pressure set to dominate


[Published 08:45 05/02/2023]

Near to Weymouth Wintry Day. Posted by JurassicCoast

High pressure is set to bring a lot of dry weather to the UK during the coming days. Nighttime frosts become widespread and patchy fog could form, especially in the southern half of the UK. Daytime temperatures shouldn't be too far from the average, although if fog lingers it will stay very cold. (If you would like to browse the website without adverts until the end of the year and contribute to its ongoing development you can do so by making a donation of £20 or more via PayPal, see below).

Sunday starts dry across the UK. Frost has formed quite widely overnight, particularly in central and northern regions.

Through the day it remains dry and bright in most of the UK. However, cloud builds in the north and patchy outbreaks of rain push into the far north west. Becoming windy in northern and western Scotland.

Feeling chilly. Temperatures range from 4C (39F) in the far north to 7C (45F) in the south. See the rain radar for the latest view.

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UK Met Office UKV, rain and snow, 15:00 Sunday, 5th February

Tonight clear spells in England and Wales lead to a widespread frost. Temperatures could fall to -5C (23C) locally. Cloudy conditions in much of Scotland and Northern Ireland keep it less cold. In the far north west patchy outbreaks of rain continue.

Tomorrow very little changes. Light rain continues to be a risk in western Scotland, but elsewhere it will be dry. Southern and central counties have the brightest conditions. Temperatures close to or above the average in the north and slightly below it in the south. 

UK Met Office UKV, temperatures, 15:00 Monday, 6th February

Frosts becoming widespread

During Tuesday outbreaks of rain become increasingly fragmented as they slowly push down across the north. In the south it stays dry, bright and rather cold.

High pressure continues to have a lot of influence on Wednesday. England and Wales are expected to be dry and sunny spells develop quite widely. Rather cold with frost early and late. Scotland and Northern Ireland have more cloud which may bring some patchy rain. Later on more persistent outbreaks of rain push into the north west.

Forecast details for Thursday are uncertain. The likelihood is for a band of rain to weaken and fragment as it pushes down into southern Britain. Much of the north stays dry and bright, although showers are possible in Scotland.

GFS chart 1
GFS, surface pressure and precipitation, 15:00 Thursday, 9th February

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