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United Kingdom regional outlook for days 30 to 150

The ultra long range weather forecast is based on data from the the Climate Forecast System v2 (CFSv2) model. It is updated daily.

Daily forecast

Weather, max and min temperatures, wind speed and direction, pressure.

Summary forecast

Number of days: snow, frost, wind stronger than 30mph, temperature max, min and above 21°C.

Wales forecast

  • Temperature

  • Max average temperature: 24°C
  • Number of days the temperature exceeds 21°C: 9
  • Min average temperature: -4°C
  • Number of days with an air frost: 20
  • Snow

  • Number of days with snow: 7
  • Wind

  • Number of days the wind speed exceeds 30mph: 1

Enjoy, but remember

Forecasting the weather more than a few days ahead in Great Britain is very difficult. Consistently accurate long rang forecasts are not possible with current technology.

You can use this page to try and identify trends. For example, are the summer months showing long settled spells or the winter months cold ones. Is the forecast consistent from day to day or is it changing dramatically? If it is the former then confidence could be higher.

Above all don't rely on this page but have fun using it.

Seasonal discussion forecasts on TheWeatherOutlook consider other factors and could be very different.


14 day outlook

Monthly outlook

Seasonal outlook


A huge range of charts and data is freely available.

Models include UK Met Office UKV and MOGREPS-G, ECMWF, NCEP GFS, Meteo France Arpege and Arome.