Possibly more summery next week


[Published 06:30 11/07/2024]

Tuesday 9 July, Outer Hebrides - grandkids on a “secret” beach. Posted by Trossachs

The weather remains mixed in the coming days, with further showers or longer spells of rain in places. However, there is likely to be a reasonable amount of dry weather and although temperatures remain on the low side for mid July it will feel quite warm when sunny periods develop. Next week could see temperatures starting to rise. (If you would like to browse the website without adverts and contribute to its ongoing development, explore the payment options, see below)

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Issued 9th July 2024

14 day video weather forecast


UK weather discussion

Patchy outbreaks of rain continue in central England and Wales for much of the day and there could be a few heavy bursts mixed in. Areas to the north have a mix of sunny spells and showers, whilst to the south it remains dry. 

Temperatures range from 11°C in northern Scotland to 23°C in the south eastern corner. Check the weather radar for the most up to date view.

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UK Met UKV, Thursday 11th July [Tap animation to toggle cities]

Tonight, the rain in central areas fades away, but there is a risk of downpours pushing into the south east later on. Showers in the north fade away to leave mostly dry conditions.

Tomorrow, there is a risk of heavy rain in the south east and parts of East Anglia. The rest of the UK will see sunny spells and scattered showers. Rather cool generally but particularly in the wet areas.

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UK Met UKV, Friday 12th July [Tap animation to toggle cities]

Possibly warmer next week

The weekend should bring a reasonable amount of dry weather, but there will still be showers in places. In sunny spells it feels pleasantly warm, although temperatures generally remain on the low side for mid July. The early part of next week is looking changeable, with a risk of showery spells of rain at times. However, there should be sunny periods too, and in central and eastern areas it is likely to be warmer than recently. By the middle of the week there are tentative signs of high pressure beginning to have more influence, especially in the south. If that happens we could finally have a taste of summer.

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GFS, overview for Fri 12th Jul - Sun 14th Jul

Yesterday's temperatures

The temperature league tables are for Wednesday 10th July 2024. Please note that our database does not include data from all of the official reporting stations in the UK.

Highest temperatures

  • Lakenheath Royal Air Force Base, 23°C
  • Mildenhall Royal Air Force Base, 22°C
  • Exeter Airport, 22°C
  • Cambridge, 22°C
  • Norwich Weather Centre, 22°C
  • Farnborough, 22°C
  • Southend-On-Sea, 22°C
  • Marham, 22°C
  • Holbeach, 21°C
  • Northolt, 21°C
  • Coningsby Royal Air Force Base, 21°C
  • Cranwell, 21°C
  • Brize Norton, 21°C
  • Odiham, 21°C
  • Middle Wallop, 21°C

Lowest temperatures

  • Belfast / Aldergrove Airport, 11°C
  • Spadeadam, 11°C
  • Pembrey Sands, 11°C
  • Kirkwall Airport, 11°C
  • Wick, 11°C
  • Aberdeen / Dyce, 11°C
  • Inverness / Dalcross, 11°C
  • Islay, 11°C
  • Benbecula, 11°C
  • Stornoway, 11°C
  • Tain Range, 11°C
  • Kinloss, 11°C
  • Lossiemouth, 11°C
  • Exeter Airport, 11°C
  • Fairford Royal Air Force Base, 11°C

Current temperature s vs Historical averages

Check the CET tracker for the latest information on how this month's temperatures compare to the Central England Temperature averages for 1961-1990, 1971-2000, 1981-2010, 1991-2020, and 1659-2020.

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Tuesday 9 July, Outer Hebrides - grandkids on a “secret” beach. Posted by Trossachs

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