Weather photos of 2022

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31st December 2022


Weather photos of the year

During 2022 many fantastic photos were uploaded to the website. I've tried to pick five which show different flavours of the UK's weather and make, what can seem like more humdrum aspects of it, interesting.

Autumn sunshine. By hilett1978

The colours and depth of field on this one are amazing.  Autumn can bring fantastic weather but all too often it seems to be overcast and damp. Therefore, when a day like this comes along it is something to be enjoyed. 

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Autumn sunshine. Posted by hilett1978

Autumn sunshine. By hilett1978

Loch an Eilein, snow falling. By slowoldgit

In the UK the expectation of snow often exceeds the reality. The best place for snow is frequently in a photograph and this is a great example.

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 Loch an Eilein, Rothiemurchus. snow falling. Posted by slowoldgit
Loch an Eilein. By slowoldgit

Full rainbow. By glynnadams68

A full rainbow in my view is one of the most spectacular displays the weather provides. This picture illustrates the phenomenon beautifully.

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Full rainbow. Posted by glynnadams68
Full rainbow. By glynnadams68

Bodiam Castle on a summer night. By fairweather

Perhaps not strictly speaking a weather photo, but of course the milky way wouldn't be visible on a cloudy night. Therefore, I decided to include it.  A stunning view of the castle and the sky at night.

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Bodiam Castle on a summer night.. Posted by fairweather
Bodiam Castle on a summer night. By fairweather

Heavy showers. By toppiker60

Rain is something we are all familiar with in the UK and it is taken for granted. In the precipitation family it often seems boring when compared to hail or snow unless it is combined with thunder and lightning. Therefore, I thought this photo was absolutely brilliant for the way it shows rain falling, bouncing, accumulating  and generally looking interesting.

I think it encapsulates the UK's weather perfectly and for that reason it gets my vote for photo of the year.

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Heavy showers training in on the WNW winds. Posted by toppiker60
Heavy showers. Posted by toppiker60

Pick your own favourites

My selections are of course very subjective and you may disagree with them. Also, I didn't include any of the ones I have taken personally. You can view the photos in your own time by checking out the Weather picture gallery. If you think you can do better then please send your photos using the Upload or take photo app. To upload you will either need a TWO site account (freely register and also benefit from 5 days of advert free access to the website) or a Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

A massive thank you to everyone who has sent in photos through the course of the year. Please keep them coming as we head through 2023.

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