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Wimbledon 2018 starts on Monday 2nd July and and finishes on Sunday 15th July. Unsettled weather isn't unusual in late June and early July. Despite that the record books show that Wimbledon loses only one complete day every fours years due to rain, but showers more frequently cause short delays. So how is the weather looking this year?

Wimbledon centre court

By Spiralz from England (5.46pm ~ Centre Court) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Current outlook

June has been very dry and warm in most of the UK. In the days leading up to the start of Wimbledon low pressure is expected to deepen over France and that brings an increasing risk of thundery showers to the south of the UK. However during the Wimbledon fortnight high pressure is likely to have a lot of influence on the UK's weather and that means dry and warm or very warm conditions are expected to continue. Through the second week of the tournament the risk of more changeable spells may increase but confidence in that is very low and predominantly fine weather may persist.

The GEFS6z ensemble chart below is for Friday 6th July. Each stamp image represents the forecast from one computer model run in the ensemble. Most of the runs show temperatures in the mid to upper 20Cs in southern counties. That suggests a high probability of very warm weather. 



The first week of Wimbledon should bring a lot of fine and very warm weather but there is a risk of thunderstorms at times. During the second week the possibility of it turning more changeable increases but high pressure could well will win out and keep it mostly fine. At this stage there are signs of Wimbledon turning into an all time classic.

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16 day Wimbledon weather forecast

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