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Blowing Hot and Cold

Live weather videochat


Live weather videochat

Blowing Hot & Cold is a live weather videochat show presented by weather journalist Alistair Grant and Brian Gaze, TWO's founder. It currently broadcasts every 2 weeks at 8:30pm with the next episode scheduled for Wednesday 24th June.

The show takes a fun look at the upcoming weather prospects and wide ranging meteorological topics such as the Polar Vortex, Jet stream and the seasons.

It is aimed at people who have an interest in the weather but don't have specialist meteorological knowledge. If presenters start speaking in tongues they are quickly yellow carded and brought back on track!

You can join the live show or watch the recorded version on You Tube or below. 

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Ex BBC weather presenter Philip Avery and Leon Brown of the Weather Channel were guests on the 10th June episode of Blowing Hot & Cold. The European Monsoon and medium term weather prospects were discussed. 

Watch the show in full below.

Future episodes

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