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Weather time capsule

Have you ever wondered what the weather and synoptics were like on a given day? Heard about the famous cold spells in the 1980s and wonder how they compare with more recent ones such as 2009/10? Or how about seeing how the  scorching hot summers of 2003, 2006 and 2019 stack up?

The historic charts section now gives you the chance to check out all of the above and much more! Charts stepped at 6 hour intervals are available covering all years from 1851 to 2019.

850hPa temperatures February 15th 1979

A bitterly cold pool of upper level air crosses the UK on February 15th 1979

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Rather than sifting through the charts you can access them for given dates directly.

Here are a few samples to get you started!

December 1981 - One of coldest and snowiest months recorded in the UK. Much of the UK had a genuine White Christmas.

January 1982 - Temperatures at Newport in Shropshire fell to -26.1C on the 10th and in Scotland, Braemar recorded -27.2C. 

July 1983 - the hottest month recorded in the UK until it was beaten in 2006.

January 1985 - the 1980s brought many cold spells and this was one of the better ones recording a Central England Temperatures of 0.8C.

February 1986 - Cold, cold, cold! In fact it was the coldest month since January 1963 with an average temperature of -1.1CV.

January 1987 - Short, the brutal cold lasted a few days, but severe. The cold spell was perhaps the most severe in southern England since the Little Ice Age period.  

February 1991 - The wrong kind of snow! Blizzard conditions brought powder snow to southern England and extensive disruption on the railways.


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