Time Weather Temp Feels Rain Cloud Speed Gust Dir Hum Pressure Thickness 850 hPa 0°C level Snow High cloud Mid cloud Low cloud
0.0 mm 100 % 14 mph 21 mph Wind direction 74 % 1018 mB 549dam 4C 2261m 0cm 25% 0% 100
0.3 mm 58 % 18 mph 31 mph Wind direction 82 % 1017 mB 550dam 6C 2358m 0cm 4% 6% 58
0.0 mm 58 % 20 mph 35 mph Wind direction 80 % 1015 mB 548dam 5C 2504m 0cm 5% 0% 58
0.3 mm 100 % 22 mph 37 mph Wind direction 81 % 1015 mB 545dam 3C 2088m 0cm 14% 1% 100
Forecast issued: 12/04/2024 14:08:34


In addition to the standard variables some less common ones are included in the forecast.


Thickness is the height of the 1000-500 hPa layer above sea level. It is a good indicator of how cold the air is. The lower the thickness the colder the air. 528 dam or lower is often an indicator of snow. 564 dam or higher can indicate heat wave conditions in the summer.

850 hPa

The air temperature at the 850 millibar pressure level in the atmosphere, which is located approximately 1.5 kilometers. It helps to distinguish between warm and cold air masses because it is not subject to day to night variations.

0°C level

The freezing level is the altitude in metres at which the air temperature is at 0°C

High, mid and low cloud

The percentage cloud cover at high, mid and low altitudes.


Temp (Celsius)
Wind direction Wind direction Sunny Clear

Sun / Clear

Fair, sun and clouds Fair, clear and clouds

Sun / Clear periods

Mostly cloudy Mostly cloudy

Sun / Clear intervals

Cloudy Cloudy


Light rain Light rain

Light rain

Heavy rain Heavy rain

Heavy rain

Showers Showers


Thunderstorm and possible hail Thunderstorm and possible hail


Sleet Sleet


Snow showers Snow showers

Snow showers

Light snow Light snow

Light snow

Heavy snow Heavy snow

Heavy snow

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