Very mild but wet in the north

[Updated 06:10 20/02/2019]

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The north remains unsettled today but through the rest of the week there should be a lot of dry weather. It will become very mild and there is an outside chance of the all-time February temperature record being challenged on Friday or Saturday. Next week little changes but there are signs of it turning cooler or colder in early March.

Wednesday starts with wet and windy conditions in the north. Through the day patchy outbreaks of rain continue in northern and western areas, and at times they will be heavy. Elsewhere there could be some patchy rain but it should be mainly dry with variable amounts of cloud and sunny spells. 

It will be a mild day. Temperatures range from 10C (50F) to 13C (55F). See the rain and precipitation type radar for the latest view.

Arpege forecast chart 1

Meteo France Arpege, rain, 15:00 GMT Wed 20th February

Tonight outbreaks of rain continue in the west and some of them may push eastwards across central and northern England. In other areas there should be a good deal of dry weather.

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Tomorrow patchy outbreaks of rain affect the north west. Other areas have a dry day and sunny spells develop quite widely. It will be unusually mild for late February with temperatures widely into the teens Celsius. In eastern Scotland a foehn effect could see temperatures rise to an exceptional 18C (64F) . 

GFS chart 2

GFS, temperatures, 15:00 GMT Thu 21st February

Very mild weather continues

During the rest of the week a lot of fine weather is expected, although Atlantic disturbances may brush the north west and bring some rain at times. A south or southwesterly wind continues to feed unusually mild air in and temperatures will be well into the teens Celsius in much of the country.

The highest temperature recorded in the UK in February is 19.7C (67F). It was recorded in Greenwich, London, in 1998 and there is an outside chance of it being challenged on Friday.   

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GFS forecast pressure and 850hPa temperatures

GFS pressure and 850hPa temperatures, 15:00 GMT Tue 26th February

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Very mild but wet in the north


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