Summer digging in for a long stay?

[Updated 07:05 19/06/2018]

Fair weather

Northern areas have rain at times in the next couple of days and cooler air returns southwards to all of the UK by Thursday. Despite that it looks as though an extended period of often dry and warm weather is on the way.

Tuesday starts dry in much of the UK but in the north west there is some patchy rain. Through the day it remains mostly dry in southern and central regions, although a few light showers are possible. Spells of sunshine develop but there will be more cloud than yesterday. In Northern Ireland more persistent outbreaks of rain push in from the west and this afternoon they spread into Scotland.

Temperatures range from a cool 11C (52F) in the far north west to a warm and humid 26C (78F) in the south east. See the rain radar for the latest view.

Arpege forecast chart

Meteo France Arpege, forecast rainfall, 19:00 BST Tue 19th June

Summer weather outlook

Seasonal forecast for June, July and August

Summer forecast overview

Tonight outbreaks of rain continue in the north. In the south a dry and humid night is in prospect.

Tomorrow drier conditions return to Scotland and Northern Ireland. In northern England there will be outbreaks of rain and through the day they move into central areas but become increasingly patchy. The south stays mainly dry, and in sunny spells it will be very warm and humid.

Towards the weekend

By Thursday high pressure becomes centred to the west of the UK. That allows cooler air and fresher air to filter in from the northwest. There will be a lot of dry weather but light rain or drizzle is possible in the north east. 

Friday looks dry. Eastern coastal counties probably remain overcast but central and western areas have sunny periods.

By the weekend high pressure should be firmly in charge again. There probably won't be wall to wall sunshine but a lot of dry and bright weather is likely. Temperatures rise and by Sunday 27C (81F) is not out of the question in the south.

GFS forecast chart

GFS, forecast pressure and 500hPa heights, 16:00 BST Sat 23rd June

Blowtorch heat next week?

Forecast details for next week are uncertain, however high pressure is expected to remain close to the southern half of the UK. That bring the probability of fine weather in the south and temperatures may push up towards 30C (86F). The north could be cooler and more changeable for a time.

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Summer digging in


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