14 day UK: Cooler and more mixed

Issued Thursday 24th July 2014

Week 1
A change in the weather is expected to develop with the heat beginning to ebb away.

Friday is expected to be another mostly dry and very warm or hot day. A few thunderstorms may develop in the afternoon but most places should miss them. Top temperatures close to 29C (85F).

The very warm or hot conditions persisting on Saturday across most of England and Wales, but in the north west of the UK cloudier conditions with outbreaks of rain are expected to develop. The cloud spreading south eastwards through the day.

Sunday should bring sunny spells to most of the country, but there is a risk of showers developing, and some of these could be heavy and thundery, possibly in the south east. Still warm in the south and east, cooler further north west.

The rest of the week is expected to bring further dry and bright conditions to southern regions. Temperatures still probably above average but it's unlikely to be as warm as it has been recently. In the north a more changeable theme is expected with the risk of showery rain and close to average temperatures.

By the end of the week the more changeable conditions could extend to the south.

Forecast confidence moderate to high.

Week 2
Mixed weather is expected throughout the week. All parts of the UK could see showery rain at times, but drier and warmer spells are also likely.

A north west to south east split is expected. Rain more likely in the north west. Warmer and drier spells more favoured in the south east.

Despite mixed weather being considered the favoured outcome for this week the possibility of it being warmer and drier is not discounted, so keep up to date with the site homepage.

Forecast confidence is low through this period.

Early in the period high pressure is expected to start losing its grip on the UK's weather. An increasing maritime influence should develop bringing a trend towards more average conditions.

Later in the forecast period more active areas of low pressure may push cooler air further south across the whole of the UK. Despite this these could still be a chance of very warm air returning from the continent to southern and eastern regions.



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