14 day UK weather: Unsettled

UK outlook issued Sunday 26th June 2016

Week 1


Monday: Southern and central regions have a mostly dry day with sunny spells and just a few showers. In the north showers will be more frequent and these will be heavy at times. Rather cool for the time of year with maximum temperatures in the south close to 18C (64F).

Tuesday, Wednesday: Heavy and thundery showers or longer spells of rain affect all regions but there should be some drier and brighter interludes too. In the south and south west it will become very windy for the time of year with a risk of gales.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Changeable weather continues throughout this period with all regions having showery outbreaks of rain. Some drier spells develop, the best of these are likely to be in the south. In the south temperatures could edge upwards but generally it is expected to be quite cool for the time of year.

Forecast confidence is high.



Week 2


Mixed conditions with showers or longer periods of rain are forecast in all regions. Spells of wet weather are expected to be the most frequent in the north west with a better chance of sunny and dry periods in the south. Temperatures generally stay close to the seasonal average.

Forecast confidence is moderate.


During the first few week of the forecast period pressure remains low to the northwest and high to the southwest. This leaves the UK under a westerly based pattern with disturbances moving in from the Atlantic. Low pressure may become unseasonably deep and lead to windy conditions at times.

Through the second week the general pattern is expected to persist. High pressure ridging from the Azores influences the weather in the southern half of the UK at times.

Global Forecast System (GFS) analysis

Points of note

Changeable weather is expected for much of the forecast period with all regions having significant rainfall.

For a huge range of data see the chart viewer which provides output from the HIRLAM, CFSv2, GEM, GFS, GEFS, ECM, WW3, Arpege, Arome and Fax models and works on PCs, tablet computers such as the iPad and smartphones.

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