14 day UK: Very mixed

Issued Thursday 26th November 2015

Week 1


Friday: After a mostly dry start wet and windy weather quickly develops in the north west and pushes southeastwards across all regions. During the afternoon and evening this is followed from the northwest by a mix of sunshine and showers. The showers turn wintry in the north and over the Scottish mountains substantial accumulations of snow are possible.

Saturday: After a dry and quite cold start wet and windy weather returns to the west and spreads eastwards across much of the UK during the afternoon and evening. Heavy bursts of rain are expected and over the Scottish mountains substantial snowfall is likely. Clearer and showery conditions follow on behind from the northwest. Winds strengthen to gale force in much of the country and possibly severe gale force in north western coastal counties.

Sunday: The northern half of the country has heavy showers or more persistent periods of rain whilst southern and central areas have cloudier and damp conditions. It is forecast to be very windy with widespread gales and severe gales in northern regions. Cold in Scotland but quite mild elsewhere. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: A changeable period of weather persists with all areas having periods of wet and windy weather, the worst of these are likely to affect northern and western regions. In the north it could be cold enough at times for snow over high ground but the south will be generally milder.

Forecast confidence is moderate to high on the general picture but the details are uncertain.



Week 2

Becoming drier.

The week is expected to begin on a mixed note with the risk of further spells of rain, mostly in the north and west. A transition to a more settled period of weather possibly begins during the middle of the week, especially in the south and east where the risk of nighttime frosts may increase. The north west of the UK could stay changeable with an ongoing chance of rain. Temperatures close to the seasonal average.

Forecast confidence is moderate to low.


An unsettled westerly pattern is expected for the first week of the  period. During the second week there are indications of high pressure building from the south or south west. There is uncertainty about this and it has the potential to bring colder conditions to southern and central regions with the north west remaining under the influence of Atlantic weather systems.

Global Forecast System (GFS) analysis

Points of note

Unsettled and at times very windy weather is expected during the first week of the forecast period. The second week could see it becoming drier.

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