14 day UK: Cold wintry spell

Issued Thursday 29th January 2015

Week 1

A cold and wintry week is expected.

Friday: Early rain, sleet and snow should quickly clear from the south east to leave a mostly dry day. In the north wintry showers are likely and over high ground these are expected to fall as snow. Temperatures ranging from about 3C (37F) in the north to 7C (45F) in the south.

Saturday, Sunday: A cold weekend. In the south it should be mostly dry with sunny spells, but scattered wintry showers are possible and these are likely to increasingly fall as snow. In the north showers will be heavier and more frequent, and mostly snowy even down to lower levels. 

Monday, Tuesday: Further snow showers in the north which could become quite heavy. In the west there is a risk of a period of rain, sleet and snow for a time. Central and south eastern regions may also see scattered snow showers but a mostly dry picture is probable here. Sharp nighttime frosts where skies clear and over lying snow. 

Wednesday, Thursday: Remaining cold across the UK. The risk of snow showers perhaps transferring to eastern regions. Sharp nighttime frosts where skies clear and over lying snow.

Forecast confidence is moderate to high on the general overview, but the snow risk is uncertain.


Week 2

Cold start but probably becoming milder.

The week is expected to begin with cold conditions and the possibility of sleet or snow showers in the east. Central and western regions mainly dry with bright spells. Sharp nighttime frosts.

During the second half of the week cloud and rain along with milder air is expected to gradually to return to the west and gradually push eastwards.

Forecast confidence is low to moderate.


During the early part of the forecast period colder arctic air moves southwards. Disturbances in the flow could bring the risk of more prolonged snow showers to northern regions. These features are expected to generally dissipate as they move southwards.

Towards the end of the first week high pressure continues to block off weather systems in the Atlantic. It may extend north eastwards allowing an east or north easterly drift to develop over southern and central regions. 

Through the rest of the forecast period high pressure is favoured to gradually become centred farther east with milder air pushing back into the west.


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