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Warmer but mixed weekend?

Warm up soon

Posted Mon, 02 May 2016 19:00

Temperatures will be on the up during the coming days and the weather across much of the UK should be increasingly fine, although the north west probably remains more changeable. Will this taste of summer last?


The warmer spell begins shaping up on Wednesday and in the following days temperatures rise nicely. By Saturday values could be heading up towards the mid 20sC in the south as today's GFS12z forecast chart below suggests. After the late April chill it is going to feel much warmer but unfortunately there is a fly in the ointment.

GFS12z temperature chart

Warm but showery?

Low pressure to the south of the UK will be pushing unstable conditions in our general direction by the weekend with hefty showery rain and thunderstorms breaking out. The GFS12z chart below show forecast rainfall at 15:00 on Saturday 7th May. I'd not be worry about the details at this stage because they'll change and precipitation of this nature is very difficult to accurately forecast. Nonetheless it's an iffy picture if you're hoping to have an early season barbecue. 

GFS12z precipitation forecast chart


Warmer weather is on the way. A summery feel develops for a time later this week, especially in southern and central regions. By the weekend the prospects become decidedly more mixed with an increasing chance of heavy showers and thunderstorms pushing up from the south. Low pressure probably keeps the changeable but quite warm conditions in place early next week.

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