Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Can we expect snow this Christmas? Until a few days before the big day it's usually not possible to say with any certainty, but that doesn't stop us taking a fun look ahead as we count down to December 25th.   

Christmas 2014: Best chance in east?

Christmas weather forecast introduction

Welcome to our dedicated Christmas 2014 weather forecast page. The 'computer says' section provides a daily update and 'TheWeatherOutlook says' section is usually updated weekly and suggest a very different picture. Who will be right?


TheWeatherOutlook says

The fifth update makes no change to the chances of snow falling on Christmas day in the south and the north. There is thought to be a reasonable chance of predominantly anticyclonic conditions developing during the early part of the winter with a chance of colder continental incursions. In this type of set up southern and eastern areas would be most likely to see colder conditions and a chance of snow flurries.

Recent years have brought a range of weather during the festive season to the UK, and there have been some notable cold spells. This year at the present time background signals look fairly neutral but things could change during the autumn.

Enjoy counting down the days to the big day and check regularly for updates. Also check out what 'The computer says' in its daily update below.

Probabilities of snow falling on Christmas Day
North of Yorkshire / Lancashire: 15%
South of Yorkshire / Lancashire: 20%

Forecast issued
Update 5, 27/09/2014

The computer says [Issued 01/10/2014 15:15:52]

The regional Christmas weather predictions are updated daily using medium and long range forecast data. They may indicate very different prospects to the TWO forecast above. Who will be right?
  • It's expected to be too mild for snow in the south.
  • It's expected to be too mild for snow in Wales.
  • It's expected to be too mild for snow in the Midlands.
  • Cold but dry conditions are expected in the north
  • Snow is expected in Scotland
  • Cold but dry conditions are expected in Northern Ireland
  • Cold but dry conditions are expected in the Republic of Ireland
  • It's expected to be too mild for snow in the Netherlands.



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