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01 April 2023 12:00:55
The annual to date is 120mm about 60mm below normal.
Andy J
01 April 2023 19:34:48
Final March total here is 77mm (215% average).   March is on average the driest month of the year here at 35.8mm.    I was surprised to find that March 2023 is the second wettest one I've recorded in the last 40 years, only beaten by March 2018 with 102mm.

Also, a surprisingly high number of rain days in March 2023, at 23 in total which is very unusual for this location!   Rain was recorded falling on every single day from the 8th to the 22nd,  this being mainly hail & snow from 8th to 10th.

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
01 April 2023 20:08:46
Not a record here but a very wet month at 135.9mm rain recorded and 216.9 YTD.

Usually, we are one of the driest parts of the country but we seem to have caught every bit of rain going in 2023. January was also wet but in February, I recorded just 4.8mm for the month. It is quite extraordinary.
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Northern Sky
01 April 2023 20:36:55
Final total here was 81mm. 
Darren S
01 April 2023 21:43:56
118.5mm at my nearest PWS in March, a very wet month.
31.8mm of that fell on 31st; 54.3mm fell in the last 6 days of the month.
Crowthorne, Berks (87m asl)
Winter 2022/3 @09/03 0900: Snow Days: 2 Snow Cover Days: 8 Current Depth: 0 cm Max Depth: 6 cm Total Depth: 7 cm
South Berks Winter Snow Depth Totals:
2021/22 1 cm; 2020/21 13 cm; 2019/20 0 cm; 2018/19 14 cm; 2017/18 23 cm; 2016/17 0 cm; 2015/16 0.5 cm; 2014/15 3.5 cm; 2013/14 0 cm; 2012/13 22 cm; 2011/12 7 cm; 2010/11 6 cm; 2009/10 51 cm
01 April 2023 22:54:18
Two incredible consecutive blocks of weather. Six weeks with zero measurable rainfall here which once broken has led to just one dry day in the last 25 here and record breaking rainfall! The AGW keeps on producing these unprecedented lengthy spells of the same weather.
S.Essex, 42m ASL
sunny coast
02 April 2023 10:07:35
160 mm for month  making 4 of the last 5 months wetter than ave .  
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