14 December 2022 17:51:17
Originally Posted by: doctormog 

The GEFS ensemble data are out up to the 24th of December and at that point while it is one of the coldest runs it is not a “massive outlier”. Perhaps start seasoning that hat?

he might need it to keep his head warm!

14 December 2022 17:55:43
Originally Posted by: Chiltern Blizzard 

Shocked by the GFS 12z!  If that comes to pass, this December would rival 2010!

Already eclipsed 2010 in my book, although I was living in west London then. Not sure what it was like in North East London?


London E4


John p
14 December 2022 17:56:17
Originally Posted by: Heavy Weather 2013 

The op does have support, and interestingly there is now a cluster developing around the 23rd December. 

P11 is very fun!

P11 almost avoids any warm up at all. 

Camberley, Surrey
Brian Gaze
14 December 2022 17:58:08
Looks like we're close to a tipping point again.

I'll start a new thread in a moment.

Brian Gaze


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