Frank H
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02 January 2023 15:52:04
Metoffice CET page now moved on to 2023 and no change to 2022 data.

So it appears that AP Snowman can be congratulated as the 2022 winner despite being 0.78c out with his Dec prediction.

It would have been good to see someone winning with a bold prediction as JMM2005 tried, but as ever the play safe route prevailed.

Last year's winner SSWD was narrowly behind in third with the first 3 only covered by 0.04c. See table below.

Any of the top 7 in the table at the end of November could have won the annual contest with a correct predicion in December.

Thanks to everyone taking part in what has been a fair and well mannered contest and for all the messages of encouragement I have been given.

Thanks also to Hipydave for the quality charts he has produced of late, something I am incapable of.

A mention also for all those towards the bottom of the table for remaining in the contest to the end when it is so easy just to quietly step aside when results are not going well . A total of 30 completed the year, a reduction of only 5 from when I started in April. 

Final table 

ap snowman  7.53

jmm2005       7.56

sswd              7.57

col                 7.86

frank h           8.06

stomchaser   8.21

splinter         8.35

gezm            8.42

scillydave      8.56

moomin75    9.23

saint snow    9.27

gusty            9.63

snowshoe     9.71

taylor1740    9.99

redmoons   10.09

hungry tiger 10.29

the professional 10.29

lanky          10.38

caz              10.93

surreyjohn  10.98

rickm          10.99

dingle rob  11.07

sussex snow magnet 11.41

darren s      12.07

hippydave   12.81

windywillow 13.21

springsun    14.35

kendalian    14.64

bolty           15.48

artzeman    16.10

Wrightington, Wigan
Ally Pally Snowman
02 January 2023 15:55:53
Wow that's close.

Thanks Frank brilliant effort this year.👍👍👍


Bishop's Stortford 85m ASL.
02 January 2023 19:52:42
Well done AP Snowman. 

Well done to all those who battled it out for another year.

Special thanks to Frank for taking it over.


Steve - Folkestone, Kent

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02 January 2023 19:54:18
Aww... not even the wooden spoon! 😉

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Spring Sun Winter Dread
02 January 2023 20:39:15
Congrats AP Snowman.

A bit gutted personally to miss out on a 2nd win in a row but 3 straight top 3 finishes is still pretty good.

Possibly too much to hope to do well again in 2023 but will be here playing again . I thought 22 was an excellent year for weather watching despite the usual moaning here to the contrary (expected - as some posters seem to think Britain should be Spain every summer and Russia every winter, something it's never been on any statistical basis!) and hopefully 23 will be aswell. Hopefully with a few more cold months thrown in this time.

Happy NY everyone

  • Caz
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02 January 2023 21:08:58
Wow!  So closely run to the end!  Congratulations APS and well done to all contributors.  Special thanks of course to Frank!  
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Surrey John
03 January 2023 13:07:44
Congratulations to Lanky for being 0.08c out

Probably my closest guess all year at 0.09c too low, but scuppered by final warm night adding the extra 0.01c that took it from my grasp.

Time to move on.

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

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03 January 2023 17:15:16
Well done AP Snowman.

I dropped from 5th to 15th I think, thanks Frank for continuing to run the competition.




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  • Col
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04 January 2023 19:01:29
Incredibly tight top 3 and well done to AP Snownan. I guess in 4th position I was 'best of the rest' 🙂 Nearer the top than I thought I'd finish although after December's predictions were made I knew I had no chance of actually winning.

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06 January 2023 12:24:21
Bit late but final chart for the year:-

IMAGE. Members enable at bottom of page

Link to larger chart 


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Windy Willow
06 January 2023 13:10:55
Originally Posted by: Hippydave 

Bit late but final chart for the year:-

IMAGE. Members enable at bottom of page

Link to larger chart 


Better late than never 👍Thank you

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