Mild today but unsettled

[Updated 07:15 20/02/2017]


The new working week begins wet in central and western Scotland. Elsewhere it is dry and very mild.

Today the rain in the north west slowly pushes southwards into northern England, and showery conditions follow on behind it. Central and southern regions stay dry and a few sunny spells develop. See the rainfall and precipitation type radar for the latest view.

It will be quite windy, especially in the north but despite this a notably mild day is in prospect. If cloud breaks sufficiently temperatures in England temperatures could reach 18C (64F), and to the east of the Scottish mountains 15C (59F) is possible. 

Tonight rain spreads eastwards across England and Wales, and showers continue in the far north west. Other areas remain mostly dry. It will be very mild in the south.

Tomorrow wet and windy weather extends over much of the north and west of the UK. Southern and eastern England should be mostly dry and very mild, but during the afternoon there could be some patchy rain.

Mid-week brings more mild weather to southern and central Britain, but in the north temperatures take a dip. All areas see further rain and snow is likely over the Scottish Highlands. In the north gale force winds are expected at times.

Unsettled weather continues through Friday and the weekend. The south probably remains quite mild but in northern regions it will be colder with a chance of snow on high ground. Buzz investigates.

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The 16 day GEFS shows a very mild start but temperatures drop during the second half of the week. Through the rest of the period changeable weather is expected.

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UK latest reports

City Temp Wind Press
Edinburgh 12°C 25mph 1006mB light rain
Norwich 12°C 15mph 1015mB Fair
Belfast 11°C 17mph 1014mB showers in the vicinity
Birmingham 11°C 6mph 1018mB Fair
London 11°C 10mph 1019mB Fair
Newcastle 11°C 29mph 1009mB Fair
Inverness 11°C 21mph 1003mB light rain
Manchester 10°C 6mph 1016mB Fair
Cardiff 9°C 10mph 1021mB fog

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