Turning cooler this weekend

[Updated 07:15 20/09/2014]


A change is taking place as the very warm continental air which has covered much of the UK recently slips away south, but despite this the outlook is for mostly dry weather. That's not the case this morning with outbreaks of rain in north eastern England and a band of localised but intense thunderstorms stretching from north London across to East Anglia.

The TWO weather station in Berkhamsted recorded 15mm of rain in two hours last night compared to 1mm in the previous 19 days! 

This morning it will remain cloudy with patchy rain in northern regions but Scotland should become brighter. In the south counties a murky picture is likely as the storms gradually fade away. Remaining mostly overcast this afternoon over much of England and Wales, although a few breaks in the cloud could develop. Clearer in Scotland and Northern Ireland with sunny spells.

Temperatures not as high as recently but still quite muggy in the south where it could reach 22C (72F). Tonight should be mostly dry and quite chilly in Scotland where there could be a touch of ground frost. 

Sunday will be fresher and clearer than recent days with sunny spells developing widely. Temperatures ranging from about 14C (57F) in Scotland to 19C (66F) in the south making it feel noticeably cooler, but these values still aren't at all bad for late September.

The new working week is set to begin with high pressure holding the fort, so Monday looks pleasantly warm with sunny spells. From Tuesday onwards a westerly flow is expected to become established over northern parts of the UK bringing a more unsettled spell with rain moving in off the Atlantic at times. In southern and central regions high pressure should keep the dry spell going.

The latest Buzz has a look to see if there's any chance of the warmth returning towards the end of September.

UK latest city conditions

City Temp Wind Press
London 16°C 6mph 1019mB Fair
Cardiff 16°C 6mph 1020mB Fair
Norwich 15°C 12mph 1019mB rain, drizzle
Birmingham 14°C 6mph 1021mB Fair
Manchester 14°C 9mph 1022mB Fair
Edinburgh 12°C 0mph 1023mB Fair
Inverness 12°C 10mph 1024mB Fair
Newcastle 11°C 3mph 1022mB Fair
Belfast 10°C 0mph 1025mB Fair

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