Wintry blast on the way?

[Updated 08:10 23/10/2016]

Snow plough

Sunday begins with a scattering of showers in northern and eastern regions but elsewhere it is mostly dry. Temperatures are widely around 7C (45F) but in northern Scotland there has been a touch of frost.

The rest of the day brings a good deal of dry weather but showers continue to affect northern and eastern regions. This afternoon cloud builds and winds strengthen in the south west, and by the evening outbreaks of rain are likely.

Maximum temperatures range from about 8C (46F) in Scotland to 14C (57F) in southern England. See the rainfall radar for the latest view.

Tonight patchy spells of rain extend across southern and central regions. In the north scattered showers continue but clear spells form leading to frost and fog in places.

Tomorrow intermittent spells of rain continue in southern and central regions. In the north there will be a few showers but it should be mostly dry with the best of the sunshine in Scotland.

Through the middle of the week high pressure builds northwards and warmer air is pulled up from the south west. By Friday Indian Summer like conditions could develop with temperatures possibly reaching 20C (68F). The warmth may last into next weekend but there are indications of an abrupt change as a plunge of arctic air sweeps southwards bringing an early taste of winter by the start of November. Buzz takes a look at the early November outlook.

Ensembles at a glance

This morning's 16 day GEFS ensemble analysis suggests the likelihood of changeable weather in south in the short term but then a good deal of dry conditions in the south. During early November it may turn colder.

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City Temp Wind Press
London 13°C 13mph 1010mB Fair
Cardiff 12°C 24mph 1009mB Fair
Norwich 12°C 8mph 1012mB Fair
Birmingham 11°C 13mph 1012mB Fair
Manchester 11°C 14mph 1013mB Fair
Belfast 9°C 18mph 1016mB Fair
Edinburgh 9°C 13mph 1018mB Towering cumulus clouds observed
Newcastle 8°C 8mph 1016mB light rain showers
Inverness 8°C 3mph 1021mB Towering cumulus clouds observed

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