Head south to find summer

[Updated 07:00 03/08/2015]

Sunny spells

The week ahead is set to be mixed. In the south the prospects are decent with a taste of summer at times but the north remains more changeable.

Monday begins dry in much of the southern half of the UK but thicker cloud is bringing light rain to the west. Very different in Scotland where it is wet and windy. 

During the day patchy rain spreads eastwards across England but it should fade away. There is likely to be quite a lot of cloud around but brighter spells develop too. In Scotland persistent rain clears to leave a mix of sunshine and heavy showers for much of the northern half of the UK.

Warmest on the eastern side of the UK with temperatures close to 26C (78F) in the south and 21C (70F) in Scotland. Quite cool and windy in the west. Check the latest view with the rainfall radar.

Overnight heavy and thundery showers may clip the south eastern corner. In the north west winds strengthen and outbreaks of heavy rain return. 

Tomorrow the warmth is pushed back into the near continent with cooler and showery air coming back from the west. The showers could be heavy and blustery in the north and west where it will be very windy. Driest and warmest in the south east.

Mid week should be quite settled and warmer in central and eastern Britain. The north west remains more changeable with wet weather at times. 

On Friday a band of showery rain may spread northwards but the details are uncertain. The weekend currently looks promising in the south with a good chance of dry and quite warm conditions. In the north west a mixed picture is expected an ongoing risk of showers or longer periods of rain.

Buzz takes a look at the mid term outlook.

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Norwich 22°C 14mph 1010mB Fair
Birmingham 21°C 10mph 1008mB Fair
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Manchester 20°C 17mph 1007mB Fair
Newcastle 20°C 10mph 1004mB Fair
Inverness 20°C 12mph 1001mB Fair
Edinburgh 19°C 16mph 1003mB Fair
Cardiff 18°C 7mph 1010mB Fair
Belfast 16°C 13mph 1002mB Fair

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