Rain clearing southwards

[Updated 14:08 27/07/2016]

Fair weather

Wednesday begins with patchy outbreaks of rain affecting England and Wales but dry conditions elsewhere. In the south it is quite muggy but the north is cooler and fresher.

This morning the rain gradually clears away southeastwards and it brightens up. Through the afternoon a few sunny spells develop but scattered showers break out in southern and central areas, and in north west Scotland some light spells of rain are possible.

Temperatures range from about 14C (57F) in the north west to 23C (73F) in the south east. See the rainfall and lightning radar for the latest view.

This evening it becomes dry with broken cloud cover. During the second half of the night outbreaks of rain spread into Northern Ireland and these reach western Britain by breakfast time.

Tomorrow wet weather pushes eastwards and it will be quite windy in southern and central regions. In the north heavy outbreaks of rain are likely but in the south they should be intermittent.

Low pressure remains in charge on Friday and temperatures take a dip as cooler air pushes southwards. The weekend prospects are mixed. As often has been the case recently the best weather is expected in the south but even here there is a risk of showers at times. A northwesterly flow keeps it quite cool but in sunny spells it shouldn't feel too bad.

Next week's outlook is uncertain. A warmer and drier period is possible, especially for the south. However, on balance quite a changeable spell is expected and there is a chance of some heavy periods of rain as warm air from southern Europe meets the cooler Atlantic flow over the UK. Buzz discusses the August weather prospects.

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City Temp Wind Press
London 22°C 12mph 1015mB Fair
Birmingham 20°C 8mph 1015mB Fair
Cardiff 20°C 15mph 1016mB Fair
Norwich 20°C 8mph 1013mB Towering cumulus clouds observed
Manchester 19°C 15mph 1015mB Fair
Newcastle 18°C 13mph 1013mB Fair
Inverness 17°C 16mph 1010mB Fair
Edinburgh 17°C 12mph 1013mB Fair
Belfast 16°C 7mph 1017mB Fair

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