Mild but post Christmas chill?

[Updated 07:55 18/12/2014]

Snow on the hills

The picture across the UK this morning is a very mild one with temperatures in the south falling no lower than 12C (54F) overnight. It's also windy, and in the north west wet too.

Many places are likely to see outbreaks of rain today with the heaviest bursts expected in the west. Despite being windy over England and Wales temperatures will reach a very mild 14C (57F). In northern Scotland clearer and colder conditions are likely later.

Tonight the wet and mild weather will gradually be pushed south eastwards as clearer and colder air returns from the north west. This should give all of the UK a brighter and chillier day tomorrow with wintry showers developing in the north.

This weekend is set to be mostly dry in central and southern regions, so a good opportunity to continue the Christmas shopping! In the north Saturday probably remains dry but with increasing amounts of cloud, and later in the day rain returns to western Scotland. Sunday sees the rain becoming more widespread in the north.

The early part of next week remains mild, but by Christmas Eve colder air is likely to be sweeping down from the north. The big day itself looks mostly dry but chilly with temperatures ranging from about 4C (39F) to 7C (45F). The best chance of a White Christmas is set to be in the north where wintry showers are possible.

Beyond Christmas Day the ensemble forecasts are split between two possible scenarios. These being a continuation of the current changeable pattern with milder conditions returning quite quickly, or the development of the first significant cold spell since 2013.

At the moment it's not possible to be confident, but a cold outcome is more likely in the north and there is the potential for significant snowfall. Check Buzz for regular updates.

UK latest city conditions

City Temp Wind Press
London 14°C 18mph 1010mB Fair
Birmingham 14°C 16mph 1005mB Fair
Norwich 13°C 23mph 1005mB Fair
Newcastle 13°C 32mph 992mB Fair
Manchester 12°C 17mph 1003mB Fair
Cardiff 12°C 26mph 1010mB Fair
Belfast 10°C 12mph 998mB Fair
Edinburgh 9°C 16mph 993mB Fair
Inverness 7°C 16mph 990mB light rain

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