Big freeze next week?

[Updated 10:25 26/11/2014]

Frozen pond

Quite a lot of people are asking about the possibility of a 'big freeze' next week based on reports in the media. The latest Buzz discusses whether cold and snow are on the way.

Back to today, it's overcast over much of the country and there are outbreaks of rain in the north and east. It's generally less cold than the last couple of mornings but in northern Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland there was an early frost.

Through the rest of Wednesday intermittent rain continues, with heavier bursts at times in the east. The west should become progressively drier as the clearer conditions over Northern Ireland push further east. Check the rain radar for the latest view. Maximum temperatures today around 10C (50F) in the south but feeling cold in the rain.

Tonight local frost could develop in the west as it turns clearer. Further east a cloudier picture is expected and there could still be some rain around but it should be increasingly light.

Tomorrow the remnants of the rain clear away north eastwards to leave a mostly dry day with the chance of brighter spells. In the south it will be noticeably milder. Similar conditions on Friday with the mild air pushing further north.

The weekend is looking mostly dry with variable amounts of cloud and it should be quite mild. Late on Sunday and during Monday rain is expected to gradually push south eastwards. As this clears early next week high pressure building in from the west is set to bring a repeat performance of this week with chillier conditions and a nighttime frost risk in the south.

One of the reasons why a big freeze currently looks unlikely is the lack of cold air over the continent. If high pressure should block off the Atlantic flow and cause an easterly flow over the UK, raw rather than very cold conditions are probable in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on the 16 day probability forecasts which update every 6 hours.

Read the latest on the winter 2014/15 forecast which will be issued later this week.

UK latest city conditions

City Temp Wind Press
Norwich 9°C 5mph 1011mB mist
London 9°C 0mph 1011mB mist
Manchester 8°C 0mph 1012mB Fair
Cardiff 8°C 5mph 1011mB Fair
Birmingham 8°C 5mph 1011mB mist
Newcastle 7°C 0mph 1013mB light rain
Edinburgh 6°C 0mph 1015mB light rain
Inverness 5°C 0mph 1014mB fog in the vicinity
Belfast 5°C 3mph 1013mB mist

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