Winter milder than average

[Updated 08:05 01/12/2015]

Snow plough

The Winter 2015/16 forecast has been issued and the headline is for a milder than average season. Despite this, several cold snaps are expected, possibly bringing a risk of lying snow to most of the UK.

In the short term the outlook is an unsettled one. This morning outbreaks of rain are affecting Northern Ireland, northern England and much of Scotland. Elsewhere it is mostly dry.

Through Tuesday the wet weather continues pushing northeastwards to be followed by milder and drier conditions from the south. The persistent rain probably doesn't clear from Northern Scotland until late in the evening.

Temperatures across much of the UK will reach a very mild 13C (55F) this afternoon but it will still be cold in Scotland. Check the rainfall and precipitation type radar for the latest view.

Overnight it generally stays dry and cloudy but in the north west outbreaks of rain return by the morning. Winds strengthen in the north to gale or even severe gale force.

Tomorrow wet and windy weather pushes southeastwards reaching northern England and Wales in the afternoon. Areas to the south of this remain dry and a few brighter spells are possible. To the north it turns cooler and in the far north west scattered showers filter in.

The second half of the week brings the potential for severe weather at times. On Thursday rain is likely in southern and central regions. Friday should bring dry and bright periods to most areas but during the second half of the day stormy conditions develop in the north west with winds perhaps gusting up to 80mph. Spells of wet and windy weather are expected in all regions this weekend. 

Buzz will take a look at the TWO winter forecast today.

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