Rain in the north and west

[Updated 07:10 29/03/2017]

Spring blossom

Wednesday begins with rain in Wales, Northern Ireland and western England. Elsewhere it is mostly dry and mild.

As we head through the day wet weather extends over much of the north and west of the UK. Some heavy bursts of rain are likely, especially in western areas. Southern England has a good deal of dry weather and sunny spells develop at times.

In East Anglia and the south east temperatures could reach a warm 17C (63F), but it will be cooler in the north. See the rainfall radar for the latest view.

Tonight rain continues in the north and west but it becomes patchy. Central and eastern England should remain mostly dry.

Tomorrow it's a similar picture. Northern and western regions have outbreaks of rain but elsewhere there should be a good deal of dry weather. The south eastern corner has a warm day and there is a possibility of temperatures reaching 21C (70F).

Changeable weather continues during Friday and Saturday, and it becomes less warm in the south east. By Sunday dry conditions should return as a ridge of high pressure builds in from the southwest. Buzz looks ahead to April.

Outdoor season

The outdoor season is here again. In the short term there's the new F1 season, the Grand National and the Boat Races on the Thames in London. Our summer Event weather calendar is being updated and if you'd like something added please contact us.

Ensembles at a glance

The 16 day GEFS show below average amounts of rain and above average temperatures for much of the time. Rain is more likely in the north and west.

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UK latest reports

City Temp Wind Press
Birmingham 13°C 13mph 1019mB Fair
Manchester 13°C 9mph 1016mB Fair
London 13°C 8mph 1022mB Fair
Newcastle 13°C 0mph 1014mB Fair
Norwich 13°C 10mph 1021mB Fair
Belfast 12°C 10mph 1010mB Fair
Cardiff 12°C 7mph 1019mB Fair
Edinburgh 12°C 9mph 1011mB light rain
Inverness 8°C 2mph 1010mB light rain

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