Thundery shower risk today 

[Updated 07:10 28/05/2016]

Shower cloud

The Spring Bank Holiday weekend starts with a few scattered showers but most of the UK is fine. The weather prospects aren't bad but there are a number of potential flies in the ointment and the devil is in the detail.

This morning sunny periods develop but in the north it may remain cloudier. During the afternoon warm spells of sunshine continue but slow moving showers breakout in the south and west. These become heavy and thundery at times, and bring the potential for localised downpours.

In the sunny areas it will be quite warm, temperatures in the the south may reach 22C (72F). Check the rainfall and lightning radar for the latest view.

Tonight the thundery showers gradually fade away in the south and west. Elsewhere a dry night is expected with varying amounts of cloud.

Tomorrow begins fine but showers develop in the north and west. Across the south cloud builds and during the afternoon there is a risk of rain in the south east.

Forecast details for Bank Holiday Monday are uncertain but the latest guidance shows an increased chance of heavy rain in central and eastern England. Western regions hang on to the sunshine the longest but even here it could become mostly overcast.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday look mixed with wet weather possible in all areas. During the second half of the week it remains showery in the south but northern regions should have a good deal of fine and summery weather as the meteorological summer gets under way.

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