Changeable week ahead

[Updated 07:22 25/07/2016]

Sunny spells

The new working week begins with showers affecting Northern Ireland and western Scotland but elsewhere it is dry. The prospects for the coming days are mixed.

Through the course of Monday sunny spells develop but the showers become more widespread. The heaviest ones are likely in the north west with eastern and south eastern England probably remaining dry throughout the day.

Temperatures will be lower than in recent days with values ranging from about 16C (61F) in the north west to 22C (72F) in East Anglia where there is some residual warmth. See the rainfall and lightning radar for the latest view.

This evening the showers fade away to leave a mostly dry and clear night. It will be quite cool and fresh with temperatures in rural parts of the north falling into single figures.

Tomorrow cloud builds and showery spells of rain develop in the west and north. Showers may extend into the south at times too, but here a good deal of dry weather is likely.

During mid-week low pressure deepens over the UK and this brings the risk of wet weather to all regions. Some parts of the south can expect their first measurable rainfall for some time. Gardeners and farmers can check the Will it rain? feature to see the latest forecast totals.

By Friday quite a cool and showery north westerly flow is forecast to be in place over the UK. Through the weekend a ridge of high pressure could begin to bring drier and warmer conditions back in from the south west.

The latest computer model data is still suggesting the possibility of another warm up in early August but the signal for this isn't as strong as it was yesterday. On balance a more changeable picture is currently favoured. Buzz discusses the outlook.

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Manchester 16°C 8mph 1019mB Fair
Edinburgh 16°C 16mph 1014mB light rain; Towering cumulus clouds observed

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