Showers developing but often dry

[Updated 06:50 24/04/2014]


Across the north east there are outbreaks of rain, but elsewhere it's a dry start to Thursday with variable amounts of cloud. Temperatures mostly not bad, but colder in Wales and the south west where there has been less cloud.

This morning the rain in the north east should clear away leaving dry conditions with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. Many places are likely to remain dry, but through the afternoon showers will develop with the highest risk of catching one probably in the north and west. Feeling quite warm in the sun with maximum temperatures near to 18C (64F).

Tonight mostly dry in large parts of the UK, and in Scotland and Northern Ireland where clearer skies are likely to last a patchy ground frost could develop. Further south becoming cloudier and by tomorrow morning outbreaks of rain are likely. During Friday the rain risk pushes north, but in the east sunny spells could develop leading to a warm afternoon.

The weekend weather prospects look mixed with low pressure over the UK bringing showers or longer spells of rain. Probably still some brighter spells and in the sunshine temperatures remaining reasonable. Keep an eye on the latest picture using the rainfall radar this week as it could be quite localised at times. Buzz will take a look at early May bank holiday outlook today.

UK city weather reports
City Temp Wind Press
Birmingham 10°C 6mph 1016mB Fair
London 9°C 0mph 1014mB Fair
Norwich 9°C 6mph 1015mB fog
Inverness 8°C 3mph 1020mB mist
Manchester 8°C 7mph 1017mB haze
Cardiff 8°C 5mph 1015mB Fair
Newcastle 7°C 0mph 1019mB mist
Edinburgh 7°C 9mph 1019mB mist
Belfast 5°C 7mph 1017mB Fair

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