Very cold start in the south

[Updated 07:00 19/01/2017]

Frosty weather

Tuesday begins very cold and frosty in the south. Temperatures at Farnborough, Hampshire have fallen to -6C (21F) overnight. Central and northern areas are milder and cloudier.

Through the day the south stays dry with sunny spells but elsewhere there will be more cloud. In central and northern England thicker cloud could bring a few spots of rain.

Temperatures range from 5C (41F) in the south to 9C (48F) in the north. See the rainfall and precipitation type radar for the latest view.

Tonight frost returns to southern counties. In other regions there could be a touch of frost locally but cloudier skies are likely to hold temperatures up.

Tomorrow it's a similar picture but brighter spells may develop more widely. Temperatures in the north will probably be slightly lower than during recent days.

During the weekend high pressure remains dominant. It is expected to be cold in all regions and nighttime frost becomes increasingly widespread. Sunday could start off particularly cold with temperatures in the south possibly as low as -8C (18F), and an upper level cold pool possibly leads to a few snow flurries in parts of the UK.

The latest guidance for next week suggests a slow transition back to more unsettled weather from the north west. The details are uncertain but there is a good chance of high pressure bringing further dry and chilly weather for several days. Buzz takes a look at the prospects.

Ensembles at a glance

The 16 day GEFS ensemble shows rather cold weather in the short term. Next week it slowly turns milder and the risk of more unsettled weather increases later on.

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Belfast 6°C 5mph 1037mB Fair
Birmingham 6°C 2mph 1038mB mist
Cardiff 4°C 9mph 1037mB mist
Norwich 4°C 0mph 1038mB Fair
London 2°C 0mph 1037mB Fair

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