Dry and settled weekend

[Updated 07:10 17/04/2015]

Spring day

High pressure is controlling the weather over the UK with changes happening very slowly. This morning it's mostly dry again but there are a few showery outbreaks of rain in the south. Clear skies in the north have led to a chilly start with a frost in the valleys and glens of Scotland.

Friday stays generally dry but there is a risk of scattered showers in the south west. Cloud amounts vary but plenty of sunny spells are expected. Maximum temperatures today around 16C (61F) in the south are respectable for mid-April but a long way off the exceptional warmth earlier in the week.

Tonight it become chilly with temperatures dipping close to or just below 0C (32F) in southern frost hollows and the north. More widely there could be a touch of frost on the ground by tomorrow morning.

Little change this weekend with the dry spell continuing. In sunny spells it should feel pleasantly warm but in southern coastal counties a brisk easterly wind will make it feel cooler. Sunday perhaps brings more cloud in from the northeast at times.

Settled weather is set to persist during much of next week and temperatures probably trend upwards again. Computer models still point towards a more unsettled end to April, particularly in the north. There is uncertainty and it could remain dry in the south for the London Marathon.

The lack of rain may increasingly cause farmers and gardeners problems. Are we now close to a drought? March rainfall levels in the UK were 100% of the average overall but this hides large regional variations with the south east only receiving 50%.

April has been dry too in parts of the country with our own weather station in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire only recording 15.4mm of rain. A drought in the UK is often considered to be a period of around 3 weeks or longer when less than a third of the usual rain falls.

Buzz investigates the longer term outlook.

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