Remaining dry and warming up

[Updated 07:00 03/09/2014]


High pressure is continuing to control the weather this morning bringing a dry start across the whole of the UK. The longer nights at this time of year do lead to misty mornings in this type of set-up and today is no exception, but it mostly mild with temperatures in southern and central regions close to 14C 57F).

Dry conditions should continue in most of the country through Wednesday and despite the early murk sunny spells will develop. There is likely to be cloud around too with just the chance of a few scattered showers this afternoon. In the sun top temperatures in the south could reach 24C (74F).

Tomorrow the fine spell is set to continue for most with temperatures probably edging a little up on today's values. The exception could be the north west of the UK where cloudier skies may bring an increasing risk of showers.

By Friday a small area of low pressure may throw a spanner into the works across Scotland, bringing the potential for more persistent outbreaks of rain. To the south of this another mostly dry day is in prospect and it is looking likely to be very warm across England and Wales with temperatures in the south approaching 27C (81F).

The details for the weekend remain uncertain but the general theme is for cooler and showery conditions in the north. Southern and central regions probably remaining very warm on Saturday, but scattered sharp showers could break out. Sunday could be similar with the warmth hanging on in the south. Buzz will take a look later today.

During the early part of next week there is a good chance of high pressure remaining close to the UK, so the early autumn warmth could persist.

If you've not yet seen it, the autumn forecast covering September, October and November has been issued. The annual light hearted Christmas countdown has also begun with regular updates continuing until December 25th!

UK latest city conditions

City Temp Wind Press
London 16°C 0mph 1023mB haze
Cardiff 15°C 8mph 1022mB Fair
Birmingham 14°C 6mph 1024mB haze
Newcastle 13°C 2mph 1024mB mist
Manchester 13°C 0mph 1024mB Fair
Edinburgh 13°C 0mph 1023mB Fair
Inverness 12°C 0mph 1023mB Fair
Norwich 11°C 1mph 1024mB fog
Belfast 8°C 6mph 1023mB Fair

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