Patchy outbreaks of rain

[Updated 07:00 23/10/2014]

London skyline

The picture this morning is a mostly dry one for much of the UK, but there are outbreaks of rain in parts of Scotland. It's very mild with temperatures widely remaining in double figures overnight.

During the course of Thursday outbreaks of rain in north western parts of the UK are likely to become quite heavy at times. Elsewhere patchy rain is likely too, especially in central and western regions with the best chance of brighter spells today probably in eastern England. See the rainfall radar for the latest view.

It will be mild with temperatures around 15C (59F) over much of the UK, but cooler in Scotland.

Tonight the patchy rain pushes further south eastwards with clearer conditions returning to the north west. Very mild again in southern and central regions but colder in Northern Ireland and Scotland where a patchy ground frost could develop by the morning.

Tomorrow heavier rain is expected to push crossing central and possibly southern regions with drier conditions to the north of this. In western Scotland and Northern Ireland it will be quite a blustery day with heavy showers. The weekend prospects are looking reasonable in the south, but more unsettled in the north and west.

Halloween and Bonfire Night are now fast approaching and Buzz takes a look at the prospects for both and you can also still read the discussion about newspaper reports suggesting Winter 2014 could be the 'coldest for a century' in the UK.

Finally, we are completing a server upgrade today and this could lead to some minor disruption. Once complete we'll have a lot more processing power available to bring an even bigger free range of forecasts, charts and data!

UK latest city conditions

City Temp Wind Press
London 15°C 12mph 1020mB Fair
Inverness 15°C 17mph 1004mB Fair
Cardiff 14°C 10mph 1019mB Fair
Newcastle 14°C 12mph 1011mB Fair
Belfast 13°C 14mph 1010mB Fair
Manchester 13°C 13mph 1016mB Fair
Edinburgh 13°C 16mph 1009mB Fair
Norwich 12°C 8mph 1019mB Fair
Birmingham 12°C 8mph 1017mB Fair

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