Autumn off to a chilly start

[Updated 09:15 01/09/2015]


September 1st marks the start of the meteorological autumn and the short term forecast is a cool and showery one. The TWO seasonal forecast discusses the possible longer term prospects. 

Tuesday begins with cloud and scattered showers the UK. During the rest of the day showery outbreaks of rain continue with the most frequent of these in the north, but heavy bursts are possible in the south too. Some places are likely to avoid them and stay dry with south western probably having the best chance. Keep an eye on the rainfall radar for the latest view.

Low pressure to the east and high pressure to the west leaves the UK is sandwiched under a chilly northerly air stream. Temperatures will be on the low side, values ranging from about 14C (57F) in the north to 20C (68F) in the south.

Showers fade away inland tonight but in coastal counties a few persist and the north east of the UK perhaps remains cloudier with a risk of rain. Quite cool particularly in the north west.

Tomorrow brings a mix of sunshine and heavy showers to England and Wales. Scotland may be cloudier with showery rain at times. Cool generally and in the north east it will be windy.

Cool again on Thursday and Friday but showers should become more scattered as high pressure builds in from the west. In the north west there is an increasing nighttime ground frost risk.

Little change is expected by the weekend. Low pressure could still be close enough to bringer cloudier and showery conditions to eastern counties. Temperatures remain below average. 

Next week the most likely outcome is for high pressure to establish itself over the UK and cut off the cool northerly flow. This brings the promise of settled weather and gradually rising temperatures. In the north west a gradual transition back to more unsettled weather possibly develops. 

Buzz looks at the latest outlook.

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Cardiff 18°C 13mph 1020mB Fair
London 18°C 6mph 1019mB showers in the vicinity
Newcastle 17°C 12mph 1017mB Fair
Edinburgh 17°C 8mph 1018mB Fair
Birmingham 16°C 6mph 1019mB light rain showers; Towering cumulus clouds observed
Norwich 16°C 10mph 1017mB Fair
Manchester 15°C 7mph 1019mB Towering cumulus clouds observed
Inverness 14°C 9mph 1019mB showers in the vicinity
Belfast 13°C 9mph 1021mB light rain

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