Bank holiday weather prospects

[Updated 07:00 22/08/2014]

Frost on spiders web

Mixed weather to begin with this morning. In the south it's cloudy with patchy rain, but in central and northern regions mostly dry although there already scattered showers.

This morning the cloud and rain clears away from the south to leave sunny spells and showers over all of the UK. Showers heaviest in the north and east with fewer in the south west where many places could remain dry.

Temperatures similar to recent days so still no higher than about 20C (68F) in the south and cooler further north. Keep an eye on the rain and lightning radar for the latest view of those showers.

Tonight mostly dry and, as skies are clearing, temperatures will plunge again leading to a risk of ground frost in the north by tomorrow morning. Despite the cold start Saturday isn't looking bad. Showers will again bubble up during the day with the chance of a few heavier ones in the north east, but many places should remain dry with sunny spells. 

Sunday probably starting off mostly fine and chilly with a ground frost in parts of the north and possibly west. In frost pockets temperatures could fall as low as 0C (32F). The rest of of the day looks dry in much of the UK, but over England and Wales cloud increasing with rain reaching the west later on.

By bank holiday Monday cloud and possibly heavy outbreaks of rain are set to make steady progress north eastwards. Scotland may be the best place to be with a chance of it remaining drier and brighter. Buzz will take a look later today.

Next week's developments are uncertain. A mostly changeable outlook is expected but high pressure could build later on and there is a chance of it warming up.

UK latest city conditions

City Temp Wind Press
Norwich 14°C 13mph 1008mB Fair
London 13°C 10mph 1010mB Fair
Birmingham 12°C 6mph 1009mB Fair
Cardiff 12°C 8mph 1011mB Fair
Manchester 11°C 0mph 1009mB Fair
Edinburgh 10°C 5mph 1009mB Fair
Newcastle 10°C 9mph 1008mB Fair
Inverness 10°C 9mph 1009mB Fair
Belfast 10°C 8mph 1012mB Fair

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