Winter returning next week

[Updated 08:35 25/01/2015]

Sunny winter's day

This morning the weather is mixed across the UK. It's cloudy with patchy rain in the north, but dry and cold in the south with temperatures close to 0C (32F).

Through Sunday intermittent spells of rain continue over northern and western regions, but the south east should remain dry with variable amounts of cloud and brighter spells. Possibly drier in the north for a time this afternoon but by evening heavier bursts of rain are set to return.

Quite mild in the north and west. In the south east temperatures close to the late January average.

Tonight the heavier rain pushes south eastwards. By tomorrow morning the remnants of it depart the south to leave the UK under clearer and cooler air. Most regions then have a dry day with sunny spells but in Scotland there will be scattered wintry showers.

Tuesday is looking mostly dry and quiet in the south. Perhaps cloudier with the risk of rain in the north. 

Through the middle of the week it's all change as winter returns. On Wednesday cloud and rain are expected to sweep south eastwards. On its back edge the rain could turn to sleet or snow as colder air follows on from the north west.

Cold and quite changeable conditions look set to last through the second half of the week. With areas of low pressure remaining near to the UK wintry showers are expected and there is chance of more prolonged outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow on occasion.

There is uncertainty about the details, but the general picture is for a greater risk of snow farther north and over high ground. The cold is expected to continue into the early part of February.

Buzz will take a more detailed look at the prospects for the second half of next week later today.

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