Showers mostly in the north

[Updated 07:15 28/05/2015]


Many places are off to a dry and bright start today but in the north west of the UK there are showers. These are most frequent in western Scotland. 

During the day showers become more widespread across central and northern regions. In the north the heavier ones could bring a mix of hail and thunder. The south remains mostly dry with variable amounts of cloud. Check the rainfall radar for the latest view. 

Quite windy today, especially in the north. Temperatures will be low for late May, particularly in the north west. Warmest in the south east where 17C (63F) may be reached.

Tonight and tomorrow cloud and heavy rain push southeastwards over much of the country. The persistent rain reaches the south eastern corner in the morning with showery conditions returning to the north west. Most of the country becomes brighter and showery through the day but the south east may remain cloudier with rain continuing into the afternoon.

The weekend looks mixed. Scattered showers continue in the north on Saturday but the south is expected to be dry and bright. During Sunday another band of rain spread southeastwards to affect all of the country. Brighter conditions return to the north west but the south may stay overcast.

Next week begins on an unsettled note with more wet weather on Monday. The changeable theme persists in the north on Tuesday and Wednesday but the south should begin turning drier and warmer. 

Through the second half of the week high pressure is expected to build northwards over the UK bringing increasingly warm and fine weather. There is a chance of 27C (81F) being reached in the south.

Buzz investigates the prospects.

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London 13°C 12mph 1014mB Fair
Birmingham 11°C 5mph 1013mB Fair
Manchester 10°C 9mph 1011mB showers in the vicinity; Cumulonimbus clouds observed
Cardiff 10°C 10mph 1015mB Fair
Norwich 10°C 5mph 1012mB Fair
Belfast 8°C 10mph 1010mB Fair
Newcastle 7°C 8mph 1008mB Fair
Edinburgh 7°C 13mph 1006mB light rain showers
Inverness 6°C 10mph 1003mB showers in the vicinity; Cumulonimbus clouds observed

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