Warmest Halloween on record?

[Updated 07:00 31/10/2014]

Autumn sun

Temperatures across the UK this morning are at very high levels and it could become the warmest Halloween on record. It's generally dry but quite murky although in Northern Ireland and north western Scotland there is patchy rain.

Rain is set to continue across north western parts of the UK today but elsewhere it should be dry. Sunny spells will probably develop over England and by this afternoon temperatures in a few spots could reach 21C (70F). This would be close to average in July so for the last day of October it is exceptional. It's being caused by low pressure in the Atlantic pulling up very warm air from the south.

This evening central and eastern areas should remain dry but in the west and north rain will become more widespread and be accompanied by strong winds. Overnight this pushes south eastwards but in the process becomes lighter and patchier.

Tomorrow probably begins damp in the south east but it should be drier by the afternoon. Elsewhere a mostly dry start is expected but later on wet and windy weather will return to much of the west and north. On Sunday heavy bursts of rain are expected to push into the south east with cooler and showery weather following on into the north west.

The early part of next week looks showery and with winds coming from more of a north westerly quarter temperatures will be much closer to the early November average making it feel much colder! By mid-week high pressure is expected to topple in from the west possibly producing a dry and chilly Bonfire Night. Keep an eye on the local place or postcode forecasts because the details aren't certain.

Through the second half of the week a mostly unsettled picture is expected. Temperatures are expected to be close to average in the north but the south could become quite mild again.

The latest Buzz looks at a new forecasting tool on the site called the snow row and later today there will be some thoughts on Winter 2014/15 which according to some reports in the media could be the coldest for 100 years.

UK latest city conditions

City Temp Wind Press
London 22°C 12mph 1016mB Fair
Norwich 20°C 8mph 1016mB Fair
Birmingham 19°C 10mph 1013mB Fair
Manchester 19°C 15mph 1011mB Fair
Cardiff 18°C 14mph 1012mB Fair
Edinburgh 18°C 24mph 1006mB Fair
Belfast 17°C 16mph 1003mB Fair
Newcastle 17°C 8mph 1009mB Fair
Inverness 17°C 14mph 1003mB Fair

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