Weather frowns on summer hols?

[Updated 07:10 24/07/2014]

Mackerel sky

Dry again to begin with this morning but quite a lot of cloud around especially in the east. Warm with temperatures around 15C (59F).

This morning the cloud should begin burning off with sunny spells developing, and for many another dry and very warm Friday is in prospect. Top temperatures close to 28C (82F).

Not dry everywhere as scattered thundery showers are expected to develop in the south east and possibly extend more widely across the south for a time before fading away tonight. The showers very hit and miss with more places having a miss, but there could be a few cloudbursts to look out for so check the rain and lightning radar.

The coming days are set to bring a change. Saturday again hot in much of England and Wales, but in the north west a weather front pushing in from the Atlantic will be bringing showery rain and cooler air.

The cooler conditions are expected to push south eastwards during Sunday, but any rain in the south probably very patchy. Next week remains uncertain but it's increasingly probable that low pressure areas will gradually push further south. 

Keep an eye on your local forecast using the place or postcode picker above, but the expected theme is for an increasing risk of showers or longer spells of rain to the north initially with some warm sunshine still further south. Later in the week the threat of wetter conditions could reach the south.

No surprises then! Despite the fine summer to date the curse of the summer holidays could be about to strike with a deteriorating outlook. Friday's Buzz will sift through the latest data and hopefully be able to bring some positives.

UK city weather reports
City Temp Wind Press
Cardiff 26°C 5mph 1016mB Cumulonimbus clouds observed
Belfast 26°C 6mph 1018mB Fair
Birmingham 26°C 10mph 1017mB Towering cumulus clouds observed
Manchester 26°C 10mph 1017mB Towering cumulus clouds observed
Norwich 21°C 10mph 1017mB Fair
London 21°C 10mph 1016mB light rain showers; Cumulonimbus clouds observed
Newcastle 20°C 7mph 1019mB Fair
Edinburgh 19°C 8mph 1019mB fog in the vicinity
Inverness 18°C 10mph 1019mB fog in the vicinity

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