Warm today but showery outlook

[Updated 06:45 30/07/2014]


A more unsettled theme will extend further south eastwards during the coming days. This morning it's a dry start for most of the UK, the exceptions being Northern Ireland and south western Scotland where there is some heavy showery rain.

During the rest of Wednesday it should remain mostly dry and bright in southern and central regions. Temperatures similar to yesterday, maximum values close to 25C (77F) in the south.

In the north cooler and breezier. There will be sunny spells, but also a risk of showery rain at times, mostly in the west. See the rainfall radar for the latest.

Tomorrow showers are likely to be heavier and more widespread in central and northern regions with thunderstorms possible. In the south the showers more scattered, but even here an odd heavier one could creep through. Remaining warm in the south.

A similar picture for Friday and Saturday with heavy and thundery showers affecting much of the country. Still warm further south east, but cooler in the north west.

By Sunday and Monday the showers possibly becoming more scattered with a growing chance of warm sunny spells developing in central and northern England as well as the south east. Buzz will take a look at the weekend weather prospects later today.

UK city weather reports
City Temp Wind Press
Cardiff 18°C 7mph 1018mB Fair
Newcastle 18°C 17mph 1012mB Fair
London 18°C 9mph 1017mB Fair
Norwich 18°C 8mph 1015mB Fair
Birmingham 17°C 9mph 1017mB Fair
Edinburgh 17°C 16mph 1010mB Fair
Manchester 16°C 10mph 1016mB Fair
Belfast 15°C 12mph 1014mB Fair
Inverness 15°C 10mph 1007mB Fair

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