Crepuscular Ray
24 March 2023 17:00:45
Three days of rainbows here, some double! Just had another shower, this time it was heavy with small hail, 9 C after a high of 12 C earlier
Edinburgh, in the frost hollow below Blackford Hill
24 March 2023 20:38:19
My time-lapse for today. Some early rain gives way to a relatively mild day with sunny spells and quite a strong wind. 
Blackrod, Lancashire (4 miles south of Chorley) at 156m asl.
My weather station 
25 March 2023 10:28:03
Woke up to bright weather at 8.30 am, now more overcast with the odd spit of rain in the air. Still a rather below-par feeling 11.8 C & mid 70% H with a brisk W wind keeping the freshness going.
Folkestone Harbour. 
25 March 2023 11:10:33
Sunshine through broken clouds. 
11.02c Humidity 75 % Rh 
Pressure 1006.5 hPa.
Westerly breeze 4-10 mph.
DP 6.6c. Windchill 7.3c.

Some people walk in the rain.
Others just get wet.
I Just Blow my horn or trumpet
Crepuscular Ray
25 March 2023 14:20:13
Cold and Grey, 7 C Max
Edinburgh, in the frost hollow below Blackford Hill
25 March 2023 14:38:48
Warmest day of the year here - currently a mix of sun and clouds, and quite breezy from the SW.

15.1C (the high so far); Jan and Feb both reached 14, but this is the first time it's reached 15 in 2023.

EDIT: And as the wind swung into the NW, briefly, I think there was a brief foehn effect: it shot up to 15.4C pretty much instantly, and the dewpoint fell half a degree. The wind has backed westerly again now and the temperature has fallen back to 15.1 while the dewpoint's risen again.

Leysdown, north Kent
25 March 2023 20:00:26
tail end of northbound front now heavy sleet   temp 2.5dc
Neilston 600ft ASL
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26 March 2023 06:31:25
Closing, new week's thread coming
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Chichester 12m asl
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