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03 July 2020 10:28:30

Originally Posted by: Global Warming 

 Only the far SE of England and Orkney and Shetland were much drier than average.

I went to Frinton on Sea near Clacton last week with my wife and it was notably drier there than here in St Albans. Lots of brown grass whereas it's really quite green around here again now. I remember a couple of years ago noticing the same in Southwold (Suffolk). Kent, Essex and Suffolk to seem to miss a lot of the summer rain in my experience.



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03 July 2020 19:12:56

Best result yet for me with a 15.21C guess 

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04 July 2020 06:55:23

Originally Posted by: GezM 


5.5c!? I hope you don't mind me saying but I think that's a tad pessimistic for June, even in the UK  

  Well spotted!  That could have been one of Art’s brain farts!  A typo of course and should have been 15.5c. 

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Global Warming
04 July 2020 14:04:24

Here are the charts for June and the year to date

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Chart 1

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Chart 2

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Chart 3

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Chart 4

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Chart 5

Global Warming
04 July 2020 14:53:02

Annual CET competition - June update

Here is the updated table. Well done to Windy Willow who had the closest prediction in June - 15.37C (relative to the actual CET of 15.32C)

Darren S now has a lead of nearly 1C from Stormchaser. Norseman has moved up to third. Gusty remains in fourth.

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05 July 2020 20:09:57

Thanks GW.

In the chasing pack behind the pacemaker is where I like to be. 

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Darren S
05 July 2020 20:32:32

Thanks Simon!

What's the record low anomaly after 6 months in the CET comp? Am I near? 

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Windy Willow
06 July 2020 08:45:20

Thanks GW! 

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