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01 September 2023 16:30:07
Originally Posted by: Roger Parsons 

A few Lincolnshire and E Yorks Blue Moon views... Enjoy. 

Good pictures. I also follow a group on Facebook called Moon Photography and some impressive photos get posted in there too. 👍 
Blackrod, Lancashire (4 miles south of Chorley) at 156m asl.
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07 September 2023 11:27:52
Hopeless in the UK for astro photography. It is peak Milky Way  season and moon now favourable for a couple of weeks (in that it won't have risen before Milky Way shows) yet despite the apparent blue skies the Astro index (scale 1- 10, really need 7+) is zero. Yes zero. Thin high cloud, general haze and pollution being the cause. 
S.Essex, 42m ASL
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