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24 November 2022 17:28:04

Photos taken while out walking today, before it rained again.


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From the old bridge at Pulborough; the river should be contained to the left of the bank. But I have seen it 2 or 3 feet higher, when the A29 hereabouts becomes impassable e.g. Feb 2020, Jan 2014.



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From Harwoods Green, Stopham, above Pulborough; the river normally circles the far side of the flooded area. For those who know the area, or are RSPB members, Amberley Wild Brooks and Pulborough Wild Brooks (owned by RSPB) are both completely submerged



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Pallingham Quay, further upstream again, at head of tide on the Arun. The river normally runs quietly under the stone bridge in the centre of the picture. The Quay was where sailing vessels transshipped their goods into canal barges on the (shortlived) Wey-Arun canal to London.

"The most severe frost last night and this morning as I ever felt  ... the water upstairs in the basins froze in a few minutes after being put there this morn". Parson Woodforde's Diary, 14th January 1792, Norfolk

Chichester 12m asl

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25 November 2022 23:32:24
Depth gauge at Newshan Bridge over The Rye is a little over 21 feet - it's a very tall bridge ...

River Rye and Derwent (near Malton) level full but not up to adjacent embankments yet.

Posting photos is still very .. challenging. 



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