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31 August 2022 08:26:56

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The coldest day of the month here so far was 22.6C - 17 days have hit 25C and two have hit 30C (including today). At least the sea has kept things a bit cooler here at the top end, but the payoff is the very warm nights... 17 or more as a (very brief) low hasn't been uncommon.

The last time it failed to reach 20C was the 30th June (19.9C) and the last colder than average day was the 19th June (by a fraction of a degree). The last time it was one degree or more colder than average was the 5th June - nearly three months ago!



That really is staggering. 

Maybe 7-8  below average days here in July , less in August:  5/8/2022, 29/08/2022 and yesterday was probably about average for end of August.(18.5).   July average max 22.3 and August 23.3c so as good a July/August as you can get here really. 

Quite easy to get cooler days here, either from easterly muck (not really this year) or from cool N-Westerlies.    Even in the best of Summers. 


People across the country including here say 1976 was 3 months of hot weather which definitely won't have been the case here.

Just a quick scan and there are plenty of cooler days certainly here: 

NOAA_1_1976061900_1.png (959×770) (wetterzentrale.de)

NOAA_1_1976072012_1.png (959×770) (wetterzentrale.de)

NOAA_1_1976073100_1.png (959×770) (wetterzentrale.de)

NOAA_1_1976080206_1.png (959×770) (wetterzentrale.de)






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31 August 2022 09:01:22

Putting this excellent thread in the classics section tomorrow.

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31 August 2022 17:18:33

Not a single maximum below 22.1C here either with just one morning of significant rainfall. One hell of a summer August!

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