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  • Skreever
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22 June 2022 06:07:33


Wind WSW moderate breeze

Temp 11.1C

Veteran of winter of 62/63
By Scapa Flow, Orkney
  • NMA
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22 June 2022 06:16:42

13C clear, calm and sunny with what looks like beautifully clear day when compared to yesterday in store. (which was still good)

Vale of the Great Dairies
South Dorset
Elevation 60m 197ft
22 June 2022 10:09:35

Sunny. 20.0c.  62% RH NE breeze 14 mph

1014 hPa. 


Some people walk in the rain.
Others just get wet.
I Just Blow my horn or trumpet
22 June 2022 11:11:13

Sunny. Hovering around the 22.5 C mark despite a mod NE breeze. 65% H.

Folkestone Harbour. 
22 June 2022 11:27:02

  • TimS
  • Advanced Member
22 June 2022 11:27:30
23.2C at the vineyard, 24.5C here in SE London.
Brockley, South East London 30m asl
Tim A
22 June 2022 11:41:50
Sunny with a nice breeze.

NW Leeds
187m asl

 My PWS 
22 June 2022 12:02:44
Now approaching 26.5C

Blue skies are looking very clean.. crystal clear.
Frank H
22 June 2022 14:08:06

About a degree cooler than yesterday, 21c vs 22c.

Feeling a bit fresher with good visibility.

Beautiful summers day

Wrightington, Wigan
Tim A
22 June 2022 14:57:31

About a degree cooler than yesterday, 21c vs 22c.

Feeling a bit fresher with good visibility.

Beautiful summers day

Originally Posted by: Frank H 


23.0c here,  which is comparable to yesterday but quite a fresh breeze, temp hasn't really risen after 1pm.  Thought it might get to 25c today.  Seems to be a bit of sea breeze from the Irish sea which is suppressing temps across Central and Western Northern England.  Much warmer to the east . 

Seems areas North of Manchester are most affected, only 18c at Stonyhurst.  


Tomorrow should be warmer as the winds come from the SW. 


NW Leeds
187m asl

 My PWS 
Rob K
22 June 2022 15:14:15
Absolutely glorious day, clear deep blue sky with just one or two small cumulus cropping up since lunchtime. Took the kayak out on the canal and it was perfect. Only bizarre thing was when I got back home about 2.30, sitting under the parasol a huge gust came out of nowhere and tipped it right over, almost took the fence down too. Very strange as it has been very calm other than that.
Yateley, NE Hampshire, 73m asl
"But who wants to be foretold the weather? It is bad enough when it comes, without our having the misery of knowing about it beforehand." — Jerome K. Jerome
22 June 2022 16:15:55
A nice 28C earlier today.

I haven't seen a cloud all day, and oddly not even a plane trail.

22 June 2022 17:23:58
A stunning day here. Long spells of sunshine and a high of 22°C. Perfect!
Blackrod, Lancashire (4 miles south of Chorley) at 156m asl.
My weather station 
22 June 2022 18:53:33

There has a bit more in the way of sunshine today than what there was during yesterday but there is a lot of cloud around just now and a total of just 5.8 hours of sunshine has been recorded for today so far at Edinburgh Gogarbank as at 7pm BST (18:00 UTC) this evening.

I also don't think that today has been quite as warm here as what it had been forecast to be, but it has still been reasonably warm anyway with a maximum temperature of 20.4°C which is very close to yesterday's maximum temperature at that same station, even though today was actually forecast to be slightly warmer than yesterday.

Meanwhile, the temperature at 7pm BST (18:00 BST) was around 17°C here in Edinburgh.


The north of Edinburgh, usually always missing out on snow events which occur not just within the rest of Scotland or the UK, but also within the rest of Edinburgh.
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