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26 November 2021 16:57:34


What I have noticed as well is that the rain radar map is now telling me that it is raining here and yet, everything is still looking bone dry as per usual. Have you also noticed though that a certain other member from your part of the world with the name of Richard has gone very quiet these days, ao I'm wondering what he will be perceiving all of this.


Originally Posted by: johncs2016 

He always goes quiet if there is good weather in Aberdeen or in this case potentially very 'interesting' weather. If it's not suicide inducing perpetual permacast hell he's not interested.

Bolton, Lancashire
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26 November 2021 17:27:41
Radar looks quite serious here but so far it's similar with just fine sleety rain on and off nothing has been counted and surfaces are dry.
Not pleasant outside with gusts to 48mph at +1.6C
26 November 2021 17:34:51

Storm Arwen getting not getting much coverage on the main news channels today, this could catch a lot out later.

Originally Posted by: Gavin D 

It really ought to be headline news - the BBC News site mentions it on the homepage, but only in that it's led to the cancellation of trains. A red warning for storm-force winds is potentially life-threatening and deserves a much higher billing.

My thoughts are with those up in eastern/NE Scotland and NE England... winds as strong as these are forecast to be are never very pleasant and I suspect the headlines tomorrow will be about the damage caused by the storm. I sincerely hope I'm wrong!

Take care everyone!

Leysdown, north Kent
Polar Low
26 November 2021 17:35:27

Becoming very dangerous around that N/E Scotland coastal area 

veering northeasterly and increasing violent storm force 11 soon


26 November 2021 17:36:48

Yesterday, the main frontal system which was associated with this same storm system resulted in a total of just 0.8 mm of rain at Edinburgh Gogarbank during the night, along with 0.8 mm at the botanic gardens in Edinburgh (that comes from the raw SYNOP data as there is still no data coming from SEPA).

it has now finally just started to rain here in Edinburgh, but still not very convincingly and it is just rain which we are getting here even though the snow radar maps are saying that we are getting some sleet (the temperature as at 5pm this afternoon was around 4°C which isn't really cold enough for it to snow here anyway).

This same snow radar map is also saying that it is currently snowing just to the south of here but if that was really the case, I'm sure that Jerry and/or Noodle Doodle would be on here very quickly to confirm that is now snowing in the south of Edinburgh and that hasn't happened yet.

Because of this, you really have to question the accuracy of these snow radar maps. My gut feeling is that in the end, this will just go down as yet another night when the temperature refuses to drop due to there being too much cloud and too much wind around. It might get a bit windier over time, but I'm not expecting a great deal now and whilst we might get some rain, I wouldn't be surprised if that only amounted to just a fraction of a millimeter yet again if anything at all.

The end result of this being that I just wake up to the usual frost-free horror show tomorrow morning with not all that much having happened beforehand.

The north of Edinburgh, usually always missing out on snow events which occur not just within the rest of Scotland or the UK, but also within the rest of Edinburgh.
26 November 2021 17:37:39

Because of this, you really have to question the accuracy of these snow radar maps.

Originally Posted by: johncs2016 

They're just software layering model data on top of the precipitation.

The proper snow radar that the MetO have (doppler radar) isn't available to the public AFAIK.

Leysdown, north Kent
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26 November 2021 17:48:28
It's fully snow here now and +1C but still amounting to nothing.
Polar Low
26 November 2021 17:48:30

 Very significant sea state, very high for a time (up to 14 metres 46feet ) just short of Phenomenal very rare for British waters but may change in the next few hours.



Polar Low
26 November 2021 17:55:59

If that’s snow on that radar as shown to N/E that’s very rare white out conditions

Polar Low
26 November 2021 18:04:50
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26 November 2021 18:07:06
Slight sticking now.

Polar Low
26 November 2021 18:10:34

Your cheating you have been up there with wall paper paste

Slight sticking now.

Originally Posted by: four 

26 November 2021 18:14:54

We’ve had beefy hail showers this afternoon with gusty winds peaking at 55mph… the calm before the storm..😏

Germoe, part of the breakaway Celtic Republic.
26 November 2021 18:19:24
I need to go out now. Wish me luck.
Polar Low
26 November 2021 18:21:17

Best of luck Michael and keep yourself and family safe, 


quote=doctormog;1393265]I need to go out now. Wish me luck.

26 November 2021 18:23:58

Best of luck Michael and keep yourself and family safe, 

Originally Posted by: Polar Low 

Thanks. I’m off to pick up my son from the last train (hopefully). All later ones have been cancelled.

26 November 2021 18:28:56

Horrendous here and I won't be venturing out 

If it can reach 75mph here that will only be the 2nd time since 1990 compared to 14 times between 1952 and 1989. An astonishing statistic that shows how much more benign the climate has become over the past 30 years or so.

These are all the 75mph gusts I can find for Dyce. Could be more if any of the years listed had a 75mph gust that wasn't the peak for the year

101  31st Jan 1953
84   25th Nov 1971
81   21st Dec 1954
81   5th Feb 1957
81  13th Feb 1989
77  13th Feb 1965
77  5th April  1967
77  12th Jan 1974
76  12th  Feb 1962
76  30th Nov 1966
76  3rd Jan 1984
75  6th Apr 1973
75  14th Dec 1973
75  14th Dec 1978
75  8th Dec 2011

62mph seems to be the peak so far for Dyce. I don't have a properly exposed anemometer to do my own readings.

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Chunky Pea
26 November 2021 18:29:06

Certainly a nice looking system when viewed from space: 


Current Conditions 

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26 November 2021 18:35:50

If that’s snow on that radar as shown to N/E that’s very rare white out conditions

Originally Posted by: Polar Low 

I very  much doubt it's a white out  - you need total snow cover and fog for that.

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26 November 2021 18:37:16

I chuckled at an Aberdeen local on the news ‘its no that bad for around here’  

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