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Some features are only available to logged in users, so make sure you register as a TWO member:

Q: How do I post a picture?

A: In the toolbar for each post there is an icon of a tree. Click on that and paste the address of the photo you want to upload into the box that appears and then post. Bear in mind that personal photos will need to be uploaded to a site such as photobucket before they will show on the forum.

Q: Can I start a new thread?

A: Some threads are for creation by Admin or Mods only. They are:

  • The Model Output Discussion

  • The Media Discussion

  • Current Conditions

  • Announcements

Feel free to create other new threads, but please check first that there isn't already an active thread that covers your topic. Any threads that duplicate an already active topic will be merged with that topic

Q: Why can't I access the Forum Arms?

A: The Forum Arms is a closed forum, accessible to registered members only.

Q: How do I report a post?

A: At the bottom of each post is a ‘Report?’ button. Using this will open a text box where you can express your concerns, it is then forwarded straight to the Admin/Mod team

Q: Where is the code of conduct?

A: The Code of Conduct (CofC) is at the top right of the page.

Q: Why are some people's names in red?

A: These are members of the Admin Team.

Q: Why are some people's names green?

A: These are Moderators.

Q: How do I get an avatar/change my password/get a signature?

A: Go to ‘My Profile’ at the top of the page. In the Personal Profile you’ll see ‘Modify Avatar’, here you can upload an image from your own computer or use the URL of one hosted elsewhere. (Please only link to images where you have permission to do so) Maximum size is 80 x 80 px, the software will resize your image if it’s too large.

Passwords and signatures are also managable through this section.

Q: How do I change my user name?

A: Please send requests for a change of user name to the Admin team.

Q: How do I contact the Admin team?

A: Use the 'Contact Admin' link at the top of the page or via  [email protected]

Q: Where are Active Topics?

A: These can be found in 'My Topics' at the top of the page. You have the option of seeing topics active since your last visit, in the last hour, day etc via a drop down menu.

Q: Where are the topics that I tagged as favourites?

A: These are in 'My Topics' under the 'Favourites' tab.

Q: My report doesn't show up on UK Weather Watch?

A: There is a delay between posting your report and it appearing in the list of reports, it should appear within 10 minutes.

Q: How do I post links?

A: Right click on a chart, select properties, then copy and paste the address into your post.

Q: Can I watch topics?

A: Yes, at the top of every thread is an ‘Options’ button, select  ‘Watch this topic’. You can unwatch topics using the same options button.

Q: Can I change how the forum looks?

A: Yes, there are alternative themes  in the ‘Edit Profile’ area of ‘My Profile’ The default theme  is ‘TWO’

Q: Can I post actual charts rather than just links?

A: Due to potential copyright issues we ask that you only post links to charts from external sites

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