• SJV
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02 August 2020 14:09:01
Thanks for the updates, GW. Excellent prediction by Gusty in particular 👍
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Darren S
02 August 2020 22:35:04

Originally Posted by: GezM 

July has really shaken things up. An outstanding prediction by Gusty. It is often the months that are significantly above or below average that define the competition.

Though ironically, July was the most average month of the year so far (based on the numbers here anyway:

Anyway, well done Gusty, that was a bad call by me! The pattern of each month being well above average was certainly broken.


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  • GezM
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03 August 2020 12:01:26

Originally Posted by: Darren S 


Though ironically, July was the most average month of the year so far (based on the numbers here anyway:

I tend to use the 1981-2010 averages but point taken. It wasn't a huge anomaly but certainly cooler than most expected. 

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  • TimS
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04 August 2020 08:52:08

Another very regionally unequal month. Here are the temp, rain and sun maps vs 1981-2010 mean:

Even vs 1961-90 averages large parts of the North and West were below normal

So a cool, wet and dull month for a large swathe of Britain, but a slightly warmer, drier and sunnier month than average across the far South and East, with Kent and Essex on balance the winners.

Considering how much worse the average weather is in the North and West anyway, this must have been a truly dire month there. Northern Ireland in particular seems to have been uniformly cool, wet and very dull. It felt meh enough in London to be honest. Here's the actual sunshine hours to illustrate the point:


Brockley, South East London 30m asl
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