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04 December 2022 06:38:53
1013.7mb falling
Pat, Crawley Down, West Sussex.
04 December 2022 08:51:49
Some cloud, dry

Wind E light breeze 

Temp 4.1C
Veteran of winter of 62/63
By Scapa Flow, Orkney
04 December 2022 09:14:18
A mostly cloudy start to this morning here in Edinburgh with some breaks in that cloud, but also with a number of showers coming in from off the North Sea.

Sadly though, these are just rain showers here (it's just a shame that these aren't snow showers) despite the fact that we now finally at long, long last have the perfect synoptic setup (this hadn't previously happened since 2010) which cold weather lovers are always looking for at this time of the year, but very rarely ever get.😡

So far, there has been very little in the way of actual recorded rainfall from that, although a total of 1.0 mm of rain had been recorded from that at the botanic gardens in Edinburgh as at 8am GMT (08:00 UTC) this morning.

Despite all of the cloud cover and the showers, an official air frost was recorded during the night at Edinburgh Airport and Edinburgh Gogarbank (so we now have our first official air frost of the winter), but with only a ground frost at the botanic gardens in Edinburgh and it is already not even the least bit frosty now as I write.😡

Last night's overnight minimum temperatures were -1.0°C and Edinburgh Gogarbank, -1°C at Edinburgh Airport, but only down to +0.6°C at the botanic gardens in Edinburgh which is closer to the east coast than those other two stations.

Meanwhile, the temperature at 8am GMT (08:00 UTC) this morning was around 3°C here in Edinburgh which isn't actually all that cold, although that easterly wind from off the North Sea is making it feel quite a lot colder than that.
The north of Edinburgh, usually always missing out on snow events which occur not just within the rest of Scotland or the UK, but also within the rest of Edinburgh.
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04 December 2022 09:19:33
Frequent rain showers on east wind at about 4C, they do go through pretty quickly so it's only been about 3mm since midnight
04 December 2022 09:31:13
Yet another day of easterly 🐕💩 

The worst possible synoptics giving the worst possible start to winter with another day of soul destroying horrifically mild, horrifically sunless and horrifically wet dirge 🤢

4.1C min with almost no diurnal range likely for the fourth day running. 2.8mm of rain so far and no sun following on from 0.3hrs in the past four days.

Absolutely revolting and depressing garbage with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Only 2002 started as bad as this 🤮

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Windy Willow
04 December 2022 09:42:31
What a dingey, dark day! it's almost 9:45 and it looks & feels more like 7:30am!
5.4c 76%RH
1015.9 mb
119.4 m /391.7 feet asl
Sunny Dartford, NW Kent
04 December 2022 10:03:08
Nasty conditions this morning, fell to -3C last night and with rain showers falling on frozen ground, it's lethal outside, slowly starting to rise in temps now, to 0C.  
Location Whisky 🥃 country, Cragganmore ,Moray, 440 AMSL
04 December 2022 11:47:27
Cloudy 3.9C after a low of 2.9C
Heathfield, E Sussex 157m asl
04 December 2022 13:20:41
DUll. Drizzle. Humidity 75% Rh.
Pressure 1025 hPa. Ene Breeze 12 mph.
6.0c. Feels like 2.0c.

Some people walk in the rain.
Others just get wet.
I Just Blow my horn or trumpet
04 December 2022 15:25:23
Cold, grey, dark. Max temp 6.0C - lowest max since last January !
S.Essex, 42m ASL
04 December 2022 16:19:27
Has been dull all day but is "drying up" with humidity in the mid 80% and mod E breeze. Didn't get any higher than 5.7 C today.
Folkestone Harbour. 
04 December 2022 19:32:16
A rather miserable feeling day here in Edinburgh with a total of just 6 minutes of sunshine being recorded for the whole of today at Edinburgh Gogarbank with more frequent showers continuing to be brought in from off the new North on a raw easterly wind.

According to SEPA, those showers as at 7pm GMT (19:00 UTC) tonight had brought a total of just 0.8 mm of rain to Edinburgh Gogarbank since 9am GMT (09:00 UTC) this morning and 1.2 mm of rain to the botanic gardens in Edinburgh over that same time period.

According to the raw SYNOP/BUFR data though, total of 1.0 mm of rain has been recorded since 9am GMT (09:00 UTC) this morning at Edinburgh Gogarbank as at 7pm GMT (19:00 UTC) this evening along with 1.4 mm at the botanic gardens in Edinburgh.

This shows that despite the frewuency of those showers, very little rainfall is actually being recorded from them.

However, one thing which the data is agreed on is that unlike last night, the temperatures are now refusing to drop and so, the temperature here in Edinburgh was still at around 6°C as at 7pm (19:00 UTC) which isn't even the least bit cold for this time of the year.😡

All in all, that is pretty pathic overall for this type of easterly air mass which used to be well renowned at this time of the year in the past for bringing lots of cold weather from Siberia and lots of snow to these parts, and which cold weather lovers have always craved for at this time of the year as a result.😡
The north of Edinburgh, usually always missing out on snow events which occur not just within the rest of Scotland or the UK, but also within the rest of Edinburgh.
04 December 2022 20:36:58
Cold with drizzle 

Saint Snow
04 December 2022 20:47:00
Another lovely, seasonal day.

Yesterday had more sunny spells. But there's something really comforting about cloudy and cold in December. 

I'm loving this. And even better (colder!) to come. 

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Tim A
04 December 2022 20:52:04
Pretty horrible day today with frequent blustery showers . High 5.2c, low 1.9c. 

It has been cold for over a week now with highs below 6c each day. 
NW Leeds
187m asl

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