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03 December 2022 07:28:45
Broken cloud with a light breeze. 2.0C, min 1.4C at 6.30.

Bolton, Lancashire

160m asl

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03 December 2022 08:18:32
Cloudy 3C with a freshening breeze from the east.
Vale of the Great Dairies

South Dorset

Elevation 60m 197ft

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03 December 2022 08:44:10
Light NE drift established and has been some light showers amounting to 2mm overnight 3.5C currently
03 December 2022 08:56:13

Wind S moderate breeze

Temp 8.1C

Veteran of winter of 62/63

By Scapa Flow, Orkney

03 December 2022 09:07:41
Cloudy and dry, 6.1c following an overnight low of 5.2c in a light easterly.
Steve - Folkestone, Kent

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03 December 2022 09:10:27
Here in Edinburgh, our frost-free horror show goes on without even as much as a ground frost at any of my three local stations.

There is also still quite a lot of cloud around, but today has at least started off on a brighter note than of late with some early sunshine which should hopefully, give us our first recorded sunshine of this winter at Edinburgh Gogarbank at long last.

According to the latest radar maps, showers are gathering out in the North Sea just off the east coast, ready to move in but the change of wind direction which is forecast to eventually come and which is needed to bring those showers in towards here, isn't quite in place here just yet.

Despite being completely frost-free, last night was actually our coldest night of the winter so far, although it is forecast to get a lot colder than that in the coming days and weeks and the temperature at 8am GMT (08:00 UTC) was around 3°C here in Edinburgh.


The north of Edinburgh, usually always missing out on snow events which occur not just within the rest of Scotland or the UK, but also within the rest of Edinburgh.

Tim A
03 December 2022 09:35:36
Different feel to the last week now.  Fog lifted, brighter but scattered showers in a freshening Easterly. 



NW Leeds

187m asl

03 December 2022 09:39:46
Bright spells, 3.2c
Thorner, West Yorkshire

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03 December 2022 10:06:12
No change at all from the horror synoptics of autumn. The same toxic garbage day in day out.

Another sickeningly mild min of 5.8C and it's now 6.1C with grey skies and rain 🐕💩


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03 December 2022 11:06:18
Rather dull but the dampness does seem to be fading away in mod E breeze & mid 80% H. A seasonal feeling 5.8 C. 
Folkestone Harbour. 
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03 December 2022 12:38:47
Still quite showery some icy component in it like gritty half melted soft hail I would call graupel perhaps. 5C now
03 December 2022 13:36:31
Overcast. Dry 4.8C

Heathfield, E Sussex 157m asl

snow 2004
03 December 2022 13:37:35
Dry and bright. Pennines breaking up the cloud nicely. 6.2C 
Glossop Derbyshire, 200m asl
Rob K
03 December 2022 13:45:11
6.4c and grey. Feels much colder than that with a NE breeze. 
Yateley, NE Hampshire, 73m asl

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03 December 2022 18:23:34
There are still quite a few showers out over the North Sea just to my east, but none of them are actually reaching us here in Edinburgh just yet.

The big issue here is that even with the wind having a predominately easterly component to it, those showers won't reach us if there is any southerly component to that wind direction as we are then sheltered by the Lammermuir Hills to our SE and the hills over the Scottish Borders.

In order to get those showers into here, we need to be getting a straight easterly at the very least, ideally with a slight northerly component to it, so our best wind direction for that would actually be from the ENE.

Sadly, the wind for most of the day has been more from the SE which has stopped those showers from getting to us. However, the wind does now appear to have backed more towards the east so there should be a better chance in the next few hours of these showers coming into here from off the North Sea.

Nevertheless, we did get our first recorded sunshine of the winter today at Edinburgh Gogarbank. That only amounted to 42 minutes of sunshine for the whole of today in the end, but we are in the darkest time of the year now so we can't expect too much on that front at this time of the year.

Unfortunately, today hasn't even been the least bit cold for this time of the year as the temperature has risen to just over 7°C.😡

As at 5pm this afternoon, the temperature here in Edinburgh was around 4°C  but there is a lot of cloud around and showers which do reach us during tonight from off the North Sea, are only going to result in our temperatures refusing to drop as per usual.😡

The north of Edinburgh, usually always missing out on snow events which occur not just within the rest of Scotland or the UK, but also within the rest of Edinburgh.

03 December 2022 18:28:51
1.5dc cold. light cloud
Neilston 600ft ASL
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