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01 December 2022 09:54:10
The Lavant is a winterbourne which rises in the Downs, in normal winters at Singleton about 6 miles north of Chichester, and flows through the village also called Lavant where it leaves the chalk and has to fill up the gravel basin before it is seen in Chichester itself.

Ten days ago the river Lavant was dry.

On Monday 28th the springs had broken out and there was a good flow in the fields a couple of miles north of Lavant village 

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Yesterday, Wed 1st, the strong flow had reached the water intake plant about half a mile north of the village 

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and at 2pm the river was definitely flwoing through the village, as seen at the top of the playing fields 

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but disappearing as the gravel absorbed it only 100 yards further on  

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And it was still completely dry 300 yards furtheron 

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At the end of the afternoon (4pm) it had covered those 300 yards


and will shortly be augmented by the treated water outflow from the local sewage works. This should get it down to Chichester, 3 miles further on, by the end of the weekend


"The most severe frost last night and this morning as I ever felt  ... the water upstairs in the basins froze in a few minutes after being put there this morn". Parson Woodforde's Diary, 14th January 1792, Norfolk

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01 December 2022 14:06:24
The recent rains have certainly made an imact to the chalk aquifers in Southern England. The Frome in Dorset is flowing well again and not running of treated water as it was earlier in the autumn.


We need a Spellcheck again please Brian if you read this. 

Great to see the Edit button works again but the photos even when you click on them require excellent vision to appreciate them.

In other words they remain tiny.

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