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03 December 2021 22:30:37


There was a report on LBC this morning saying they hope to reconnect everyone by Christmas. I was astonished TBH.

Originally Posted by: Brian Gaze 


I'm not.  Rural wooded areas with poles are a total nightmare, you can lose literally miles of overheads and you have to clear all the fallen trees before you can start repairing the lines. .... or even get to them !!

Not a good advert for the "great electrical future" that was being touted at COP a  couple of weeks ago. 


Chris (It,its)
Between Newbury and Basingstoke
"When they are giving you their all, some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy banging your heart against some mad buggers wall"
11 December 2021 14:44:08
I’ve just been to the local Forestry Commission forest to collect a Christmas tree and the number of large trees felled by the wind is sobering and rather sad.
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