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Gavin P
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01 October 2022 11:08:36


September ended on a cold and wet note but as we go into October the weather will have a go at getting itself back into a warmer and drier pattern although that warmer/drier interval looks short-lived with cooler and more unsettled conditions returning from mid-week onwards. Overall very typical weather for mid-autumn.

Saturday morning has has showers in the northern half of the country but much of the south and east has been dry. This afternoon will continue in much the same way with more showers in the north and west but only a few showers getting into the south and east. Temperatures will be warmer than recently at 12C to 19C. Not too bad at all for the start of October!

Overnight, showers will continue for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England but the rest of England and Wales should be mostly dry with clear spells and variable cloud. More persistent rain will move into the south west later in the night. Temperatures will range from a chilly 5C in the north of Scotland to 15C across southern England.

Sunday will begin wet across south west England and this wet weather will likely spread eastwards across southern England through the morning before clearing away into the afternoon. England and Wales should then have a mostly dry day with sunny spells and variable cloud but more showers are likely across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Temperatures 12C to 18C.

High pressure will ridge northwards across the country on Monday but a weather system will move into the north west later in the day.

Most places start Monday on a dry note but possibly with some dense mist and fog patches. Any fog should go quite quickly and then much of the country will have a dry day with sunny spells but cloud and rain is likely across western Scotland and Northern Ireland later in the day. Temperatures will be warm for early October at 13C to 20C.

High pressure begins to decline away on Tuesday with low pressure and it's associated trailing weather fronts bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain and strong to gale force southwesterly winds to Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England. The rest of England and Wales should be mostly dry with strengthening winds. Temperatures might reach 21C (70F) in the south east but generally it will be a rather cooler day with temperatures of 11C to 18C.

Wednesday could find a developing area of low pressure forming along the trailing weather fronts so we could see a very wet day across many parts of the country although there quite a bit of uncertainty so this is one to watch. Eventually any wet weather should clear away to the south and east with sunshine and showers returning to the north and west. Turning cooler with temperatures of 9C to 16C.

Thursday and Friday are both looking showery with most of the wet weather in the northern half of the country while southern counties are drier but with some light rain at times. Temperatures won't be too far from average at 9C to 16C.

Next weekend could see high pressure pulling away to the north west with a cold front pushing southwards taking rain with it and introducing colder air from the north. By Sunday we might have an increasing risk of ground frost early and late.

Summary: Showery this weekend. Warmer and drier for a time early next week, then cooler and unsettled again later in the week.

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01 October 2022 13:00:53

Cheers as always Mr Partridge of the Gavin.

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Hungry Tiger
01 October 2022 14:11:51

Thanks Gavin P.


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01 October 2022 14:50:04

Thank You, Gavin. 

Fog is possible on Monday.

For every fog in October, a snow in the winter. Weather Lore Calendar.


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Gavin P
  • Gavin P
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02 October 2022 00:51:34


Thanks so much guys! 

Rural West Northants 120m asl
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