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marco 79
  • marco 79
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30 November 2021 07:09:30

What a difference in 24hrs... -5.4c yesterday....9.1c this morning under overcast skies...1010mb

Home : Mid Leicestershire ...135m ASL
30 November 2021 07:15:12
Cloudy.7.0c Breezy. Humidity 84%Rh

Some people walk in the rain.
Others just get wet.
I Just Blow my horn or trumpet
30 November 2021 07:26:05

Mild damp morning, low cloud but thin enough to see the moon. Wet surfaces and light WSW breeze. 9.4c.


Germoe, part of the breakaway Celtic Republic.
Tim A
30 November 2021 07:26:15
10.0c , cloudy and breezy
13c warmer than this time yesterday.
Only snow remaining are a few piles from where it has been cleared .

NW Leeds
187m asl

 My PWS 
  • Caz
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30 November 2021 07:50:40

Good morning.  Indeed what a difference 24 hours makes. Yesterday - calm, clear, snow covered and -4.9c.  Today all snow has thawed and it’s cloudy, breezy and 15c warmer at 10.2c.

Market Warsop, North Nottinghamshire.
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  • NMA
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30 November 2021 08:01:46

8C cloudy with light winds.

Vale of the Great Dairies
South Dorset
Elevation 60m 197ft
30 November 2021 08:09:21
Happy St. Andrew's Day everyone (yes, I did notice the typo in the title of this thread as today is clearly not the 930th day of November, although it is the last day of this month and the last day of the meteorological autumn).

Here in Edinburgh on this day of Scotland's patron saint, it is overcast and a bit breezy but apart from that, nothing which is even remotely interesting in terms of our weather is actually happening (no surprise there as hardly anything ever happens here anyway) apart from the fact that it is quite a lot milder than of late.

Last nigt's overnight minimum temperature was 9.1°C at Edinburgh Gogarbank and 8.8°C at the botanic gardens in Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, the temperature at 8am this morning was around 10°C here in Edinburgh, though just short of getting into double figures if that is reported to the nearest 0.1°C.

The north of Edinburgh, usually always missing out on snow events which occur not just within the rest of Scotland or the UK, but also within the rest of Edinburgh.
30 November 2021 08:23:43
Mostly cloudy, 10.5c
Thorner, West Yorkshire

Journalism is organised gossip
30 November 2021 08:45:39

Wind N slight breeze

Temp 1.4C
Veteran of winter of 62/63
By Scapa Flow, Orkney
  • four
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30 November 2021 08:57:08
Temperature has steadily rise overnight it's now 9C and most snow has gone apart from drifts higher up.
30 November 2021 17:21:43

Has been mainly cloudy with the occasional chinks of brightness, also the current 92% H feeling quite clammy with 0.2 mm of rain. It is also quite mild at 10.5 C which is actually today's highest.

Folkestone Harbour. 
30 November 2021 22:09:20
Light rain. 9.0c Humidity 84%Rh

Some people walk in the rain.
Others just get wet.
I Just Blow my horn or trumpet
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