Snow forecast charts

The jet stream is a narrow band of predominantly westerly winds found 9-16kn about the Earth's surface which has a big impact on the UK's weather.

During the winter months when the jet stream is strong and close to the UK we can expect stormy conditions as it directs areas of low pressure in our direction. Colder spells usually occur when it is weaker and to our south.

The fax charts are produced by the UK Met Office several times each day and show Mean Surface Level Pressure (MSLP), fronts, low and high pressure centres etc. They are based on computer model output but modified by human forecasters if necessary and go out to 120 hours ahead.

Chart type and hour step interval



No chart available for the selected hour. Many charts start at 3 hours ahead, so if you have 0 hours selected try stepping forward or selecting a later hour.

As well as these the TWO chart viewer provides a huge range of charts from many different computer models.