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Summer 2022


Music festivals and sports events

The outdoor event weather calendar is back on the website for the first time since the COVID pandemic struck.

Forecasts for the major music festivals and sports events taking place this summer are available for up to 16 days ahead. They update every 6 hours to provide the latest snapshot. 

Event weather calendar


Muddy festival scene

By Domharrison (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately in the UK snapshot forecasts from computer models often vary a lot when looking more than a few days ahead. Therefore, if you want to dig a little deeper at longer ranges the best thing to do is look at the charts from ensemble models. They are designed to help account for uncertainty and suggest the most probable outcome at a given time.

Using the links below select the nearest location to your venue. Don't worry if it seems quite distant because when forecasting between 7 and 16 days ahead that really doesn't matter too much. The key is to try and identify the likely trends and not worry about the details until the event is a few days away. 

16 day ensemble forecasts

35 day ensemble forecasts 

Continental Europe

The event weather calendar also includes forecasts for many of the major music festivals taking place in continental Europe this summer. 

If you'd like a festival added either for the UK or continental Europe please use the contact link provided below.

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14 day outlook

Monthly outlook

Seasonal outlook


A huge range of charts and data is freely available.

Models include UK Met Office UKV and MOGREPS-G, ECMWF, NCEP GFS, Meteo France Arpege and Arome.