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August Bank Holiday 2021

Weather prospects



Summer 2021 has brought a very mixed bag of weather. Temperatures in June and July were above the average, but heavy rain affected parts of southern Britain.

The first half of August brought close to average temperatures. Unlike last year, hot weather has been notable by its absence.

This year the August bank holiday is on Monday 30th. How is the weather shaping up? 

Sunny weather in late summer

The summer Bank Holiday is on Monday 30th August. How are things looking?


The UKV chart below shows the forecast maximum temperatures on Monday 30th. The expectation is that it will be quite cool for the time of the year. Values range from 14C (57F) in the north east to 20C (68F) in the south eastern corner and near to the south coast.

UKV 03z chart showing forecast maximum temperatures on Bank Holiday Monday August 2021

Rainfall and cloud 

The chart below shows the forecast cloud cover percentage for 15:00 GMT on Monday 30th. The brightest conditions through the day are likely to be in western parts of the UK, although bright spells could develop quite widely.   

UKV 03z chart showing forecast cloud cover on Bank Holiday Monday August 2021

Wind speed

The chart below shows forecast wind speed gusts for 15:00 GMT on Monday 30th. Gusts of over 20mph could make it feel quite chilly when combined with rather low temperatures and cloud cover, especially in the east.  

UKV 03z chart showing forecast wind gusts on Bank Holiday Monday August 2021



A lot of dry weather is expected through the three day Bank Holiday weekend. Scattered showers are probable in East Anglia and the south eastern corner during Saturday, but they shouldn't amount to a much. However, the combination of rather low temperatures, breezy conditions and variable cloud cover make it feel quite chilly at times.

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