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Autumn 2020

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Summer 2020 brought a lot of unsettled weather but there were several hot spells. The first of these occurred in June with temperatures peaking at over 30C (86F) in the south for several days during the last week of the month. On the whole July was quite cool but the 31st saw intense heat returning. London's Heathrow Airport recorded 37.8C (100F) making it the UK's third hottest day on record. 

August was a month of extremes. During the second week a heatwave brought tropical nights and daytime temperatures as high as 36C (96.8F) in south east England. Once the heat broke things turned much more unsettled and for the first time in August there were two named storms - Ellen and Francis - which brought severe weather.

The meteorological autumn can bring big contrasts in the UK's weather. During the early weeks a continuation of summer-like weather isn't unusual but by November the risk of wintry snaps increases.

Autumn overview

The TWO meteorological autumn 2020 headline is for a milder and wetter than average season. Temperatures are forecast to be above the 30 year average with the positive anomalies tending to come later in the season. November is expected to be the wettest of the three months compared to the average.  

Autumn colours

October and November

The forecast suggests a north to south split during the early part of October with the driest conditions in the south. During the second half of the month an unsettled pattern is expected to dominate across the UK. The risk of stormy periods is predicted to increase.

The seasonal outlook suggests an unsettled November with temperatures slightly above the average and precipitation above the average. As is typically the case the chance of wintry conditions increases as the month progresses, particularly in the north.


The meteorological autumn is forecast to be wetter and milder than average.


TWO seasonal forecast for autumn 2019

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