Heatwave conditions possible in parts of the UK


[Published 08:30 23/06/2024]

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Temperatures will be climbing in the coming days and some parts of the UK could reach the threshold for heatwave conditions. By Tuesday or Wednesday 30°C may be reached locally. During the second half of the week it may turn more changeable, at least for a time, but the details remain uncertain. (If you would like to browse the website without adverts and contribute to its ongoing development, explore the payment options, see below)

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Issued 4th June 2024

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UK weather discussion

An area of cloud patches southeastwards across England and Wales today, but it will be breaking up as it does so. Therefore, a reasonable amount of sunshine is expected, particularly this afternoon. Scotland and Northern Ireland have dry and bright conditions throughout the day.

Warm. Temperatures range from 18°C in the north west to 26°C in south eastern England. Check the weather radar for the most up to date view.

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UK Met UKV, Sunday 23rd June [Tap animation to toggle cities]

Tonight, there could be some light and patchy rain in the far north west of the UK. Elsewhere, it remains dry and there will be clear periods.

Tomorrow, could be the warmest day of the year so far. Temperatures in much of the UK are expected to peak in the mid to upper 20Cs, with sunny periods developing widely. The exception is western Scotland where thicker cloud may bring a few spots of rain.

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UK Met UKV, Monday 24th June [Tap animation to toggle cities]

Heatwave conditions

The very warm or hot weather is likely to continue on Tuesday and Wednesday. Temperatures may well pip 30°C locally for the first time this year and some areas may reach the threshold for heatwave conditions. In most of the UK it will be dry and sunny, but in Scotland and Northern Ireland there may be a few showers. During the second half of the week an area of low pressure may bring thundery downpours.

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GFS, overview for Tue 25th Jun - Thu 27th Jun

Yesterday's temperatures

The temperature league tables are for Saturday 22nd June 2024. Please note that our database does not include data from all of the official reporting stations in the UK.

Highest temperatures

  • London City Airport, 23°C
  • London / Heathrow Airport, 23°C
  • Southend-On-Sea, 23°C
  • Norwich Weather Centre, 23°C
  • Exeter Airport, 23°C
  • Lakenheath Royal Air Force Base, 23°C
  • Northolt, 23°C
  • Holbeach, 23°C
  • Marham, 23°C
  • Cranwell, 22°C
  • Barkston Heath Royal Air Force Base, 22°C
  • Wittering, 22°C
  • Waddington, 22°C
  • Cranfield, 22°C
  • Coningsby Royal Air Force Base, 22°C

Lowest temperatures

  • Belfast / Aldergrove Airport, 8°C
  • Stornoway, 8°C
  • Cork Airport, 9°C
  • Dublin Airport, 9°C
  • Connaught, 10°C
  • Topcliffe Royal Air Force Base, 10°C
  • Kirkwall Airport, 10°C
  • Benson, 10°C
  • Belfast / Harbour, 10°C
  • Yeovilton, 11°C
  • Humberside, 11°C
  • Newcastle, 11°C
  • Spadeadam, 11°C
  • Middle Wallop, 11°C
  • Donna Nook, 11°C

Current temperature s vs Historical averages

Check the CET tracker for the latest information on how this month's temperatures compare to the Central England Temperature averages for 1961-1990, 1971-2000, 1981-2010, 1991-2020, and 1659-2020.

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Nice summers morning. Posted by toppiker60

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