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Is the record-breaking summer over


[Updated 06:20 18/08/2022]

Pine forests near Holkham Hall. Posted by brian gaze

The weather has turned more unsettled in recent days and temperatures have dropped. The meteorological autumn starts on September 1st, so is the summer heat done with us for another year? Possibly not. When looking at the longer range prospects in the the UK it is difficult to be confident. Nonetheless, there are signs of it turning warmer at times during the last third of August and September isn't too late for hot spells.

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Pine forests near Holkham Hall. Posted by brian gaze View the full size picture.

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Friday starts wet in the south eastern corner. There are also a few showers in the north, but elsewhere it is mostly dry, 

This morning rain clears away from the south east to leave sunny spells in all regions. However, showers in the northern half of the UK become more widespread and heavy. Quite windy in the north.

Temperatures range from 13C (55F) in the far north to 25C (77F) in the south east and East Anglia. See the rain radar for the latest view.

Met Office UKV, rain, 15:00 Friday, 19th August

Tonight showers in the north fade away to leave it dry across the UK. Later on heavy outbreaks of rain push across Northern Ireland, Scotland and north western England.

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Tomorrow outbreaks of rain become increasingly fragmented as they push southwards across the northern half of the UK. Brighter and showery conditions follow behind them into Scotland and Northern Ireland. There could also be scattered showers in southern and central Britain. Temperatures close to the seasonal average.

Met Office UKV, temperatures, 15:00 Saturday, 20th August

Changeable next week

Sunday is expected to be mostly dry and bright in the north. Southern and central regions could see a few spots of rain, but there should be sunny spells too. By the evening more organised outbreaks of rain may be pushing into Wales and the south west. Quite warm in southern and eastern counties. 

During Monday showery outbreaks of rain push northeastwards across most areas and they could turn heavy. Drier and brighter weather returns from the west later on.

At this stage Tuesday is looking likely to bring a mix of sunny spells and showers. It will probably be warm in southern and central Britain.

GFS chart 1
GFS, surface pressure and precipitation, 15:00 Tuesday, 23rd August

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