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You can now quickly upload your weather photos to TWO or take new ones and send directly from your phone. Once you've submitted them they will appear in our Sky Eye Image Gallery immediately if you have used a TWO forum login. Alternatively you can use your existing Google, Facebook or Twitter login to post and the images will usually be published within a few hours.

The latest images appear on the site homepage and may be used on the daily weather summary or elsewhere on the website and apps. Photos used will be credited to you where possible.

How to submit a picture

Use our Weather Camera and Image uploader on your phone, tablet or PC. If your device has a camera, an option to take a new picture as well as upload an existing one will be available. If it doesn't, for example because you are using a PC, you will only have the upload option.

Weather Camera and Image uploader

Viewing your pictures

A number of options are available. You can go to the Sky Eye Gallery and view by Latest, Date or Map Location. Alternatively you can select My Pics from the Weather Camera and Image uploader to view the photos you have submitted.

Terms and conditions

If you upload an image you grant us a royalty-free licence to publish and use it in any way that we want. We will always try to credit the image to you.



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